christmas cheer

ever since i moved away from home, home being my parents house, i’ve never really decorated for christmas because i’ve always gone home and celebrated there. last christmas, i decided to change this and i did a VERY MINI decorating job. it was me and d’s first christmas, and with bri on the way i wanted to come home and feel a little of that christmas cheer even if on christmas we were gonna be with family. and as our christmas plans this year have been a mystery even to ourselves i almost left the decorating to whoever’s house we would be blessing with our appearance. ALMOST.

i dont know what i was thinking, not decorate for our first christmas with babygirl?! im glad i came to my senses. even though my decorating budget isn’t very large that didn’t mean i couldn’t bring some xmas spirit into the house.

i bought a baby tree for baby’s first christmas πŸ™‚Β and found some decorations on sale !


Β i cut bits of gold fake flowers and used them as tree filler, and then found a couple of different shaped gold ornaments.


i decided to do a red and gold theme christmas, and decorated the tree with white lights, red balls and red ribbon.


and then around the house i set up some garland which i wrapped with ribbon and lights, and a simple small wreath that i wrapped with red and gold ribbon.


and took some glass vases and filled with tinsel and red and gold ornaments and candy canes, of course


im also working on a couple of other DIY signs to go around the house with things i already had: cardboard, glitter and paint. oh and some holiday spirit πŸ™‚ and of course who can forget cut out snowflakes?? ill be making a couple of those too!












4 thoughts on “christmas cheer

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    You are so clever and use your imagination so well. Congratulations. You should ask your Mom
    about some of my first trees!!! Small, very small apartment, large piece of paper, cut into shape of
    tree and placed on wall, decorated with balls etc. Looked good, even I say so myself. I am so happy that you have the Christmas Spirit, remember what Christmas means to all of us. Love you and the family XXXXXXXXX


  2. Amy says:

    We are using a red and gold theme as well! I think everything you did looks wonderful! You are so creative, I got a couple of ideas from your pictures!
    If you want more ornaments, the day after Christmas– well actually the days leading up to Christmas Macy’s always has ornaments on sale 60% off and greater.
    Target in the days after Christmas including tubs to organzie the goodies is a great place as well.
    I cant wait to see the Christmas day photos!
    Love you guys!


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