traveling with a baby

this post is super late! but its about my experience flying with her.

D had been away for month and i decided me and baby girl needed a vacation and we needed to see him. i found a ticket and starting making plans. but of course traveling with a baby comes with its own set of differences. as we would be traveling out of the country, i needed to call the airline and get an “infant seat;” kids under 2 generally don’t pay to fly unless its internationally but the fee is minimal.

then came the packing. oh the packing! on top of packing everything for myself, i needed to pack warm clothes since we were traveling to a cold place. packing for her consisted of lots of things beyond the usual clothes; diapers, wipes, burp clothes, bibs, towel and bath stuff, my pump and pump accessories  just in case, pacifiers, car seat, baby sling…

thankfully i was able to find a direct flight to my destination because i didn’t want to traipse all over airports with a sleepy/cranky/ hungry baby. and on the way there she did fantastic! she was curious as to where we were and why she was in a sling (it was my first time using it) but she didnt make much noise at all. and some very nice woman in line behind me insisted on tying my shoes for me as i got out of the security check cause she could see i was struggling. i was fortunate to get a window seat in an empty row and fed her and she was out for the whole flight!

on the way back however she was not happy, she cried almost as soon as i stepped foot in the airport. maybe its cause she knew we were leaving and she didn’t want to go either. idk but it was hard. in the airport there they also do things differently, for example at the ticketing desk when you go to check in you normally hand off your bags right? well here they didn’t, so after i had to carry her, my 40lb suitcase, her car seat AND the baby bag which served as my purse as well, all the way thru customs until finally i could drop them off before going thru security. and she cried a lot, people were looking as if they pitied me or as if they wished i could make her stop. i was just so tired and she didn’t respond well to anything, not even feeding her. i knew she was sleepy, and that at least she would sleep thru the flight back which she did.

next time i will remember to bring more toys for her to play with, and her stroller! they can just check it for me at the gate when were boarding, carrying her like that made me realize that i needed the stroller more than i thought, even if i didn’t need it while we were there with him.


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