What started off as just a seemingly annoying cold turned into a 4 day hospital stay. 😦
I had a doc appt for baby girl Wednesday morning, but Tuesday night her fever peaked at 102.5 and I noticed her breathing was seeming so labored. I was anxious to get to the docs office and make her feel better but she didn’t want to eat and it made me more worried, cause i knowwhat a good eater she is.The staff there agreed she should go to the ER and it made me cry 😦 I knew she would be ok but it was overwhelming to know that she would need to go to the emergency room at such a young age.
At the ER they tried 3 times (!) to get an IV in her to get her some fluids, and had to stick a tube down her nose to suction out the mucus, they also said she had a double ear infection. It was so hard to know that I couldn’t just kiss her boo boos better. They told me she has RSV and would be admitted to stay overnight so they could help treat the symptoms since the virus itself is untreatable. So thankful that my mom made the drive up to come and help me and her. Overnight turned into 3 nights.
She didn’t eat anything at all on Wednesday because it was so hard for to breathe that of course she couldn’t work up the energy to suction the milk and breathe at the same time. Her lips got so dry that they blistered. My mom and I took turns holding her as she didn’t want to lay in the crib.
Then one of the nights I got sick. I threw up everything in my stomach and got pink eye in the same night 😡
Now not only could I not do anything for my child to help her get better but I couldn’t even hold and console her. I went to a Walgreens clinic and got some eye drops as soon as they opened the next morning. Finally my princess started to eat a little and breathe a little better. Her heart rate came down and so did her breaths per minute. They started cutting back on her IV and kept doing treatments for her breathing. When they felt she was well enough to not need to stay in the hospital they let us go home (yesterday) but I have to continue her antibiotics and ear drops and continue using the bulb to suck the mucus out her nose. After everything she’s been through she has barely a voice to cry when I try to give her medicine or clean her nose but I’m so thankful that she IS and continues to get better every day. Every little smile she gives me is a blessing and a sign that she’s almost back to feeling like herself and being the beautiful happy little being I know.


3 thoughts on “RSV

  1. Aloun says:

    Oh Bianca. I am so sorry to hear of this ordeal. Glad to hear she is doing better. The trials of a young Mom. I am glad that Pascale came up to help you.


  2. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    What an ordeal! It is so hard to see a little one, so young, sick. You feel so helpless. Thank
    goodness for grandmothers. The one good thing is that babies bounce back quickly. Love you and send kisses for you both.


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