DIY Christmas Decor

it’s my first real christmas decorating my own house and as such i didn’t have much to work with. luckily target had a sale on some things like lights and some ornaments and candy canes, and this local store had half off on ornaments, garlands and wreaths, among other things. i got a few necessary things but overall i tried to keep my decoration budget down so i wouldn’t spiral out of control which occasionally can happen when i go in craft stores.

but that didn’t mean i had to skimp on decorating! check em out

glass jars and vase decorations: using leftover ornaments, some tinsel garland and candy canes i just filled up these glass jars and vases and let them sit on the counter. ( see my “christmas cheer” post)

tinsel trees! i thought they came out fantastic considering they were only made out of cardstock, tape and glue.


this awesome joy sign which came from cardboard, paint and glitter


paper snowflakes! these, while tedious to cut out, were actually really fun. they are all different and im proud of each one. i feel like they really transformed my kitchen to a snowy wintery kind of scene and i put them up on every upper cabinet door


my super simple but still spirited wreath! its really just a small wreath that i wanted to decorate myself. i just wrapped it with some ribbon and hung it up. im contemplating adding some more ribbon to it.






4 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Decor

  1. Patricia John (Granny) says:

    You have always been so clever and imaginative when it comes to crafts. Bravo! They all look
    very professional. Love and kisses.


  2. Francoise L. Pean says:

    This is very nice, but what is special is that it means both you and Little Bee are much better.
    Enjoy! A child with you at Xmas is a blessing. Wanting to do beautiful things for her is a blessing.This Season brings out the best in us.
    Many many more beautiful Xmas to you and to her.


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