6 month update

I will get these baby update posts on time soon I promise lol.
Well my princess is 6 months (half a year already !!!! ) and has been doing so many things

Eating: she hasn’t really fluctuated with her milk intake that much still doing around 5 oz, sometimes a little less but since she’s been sick I’m glad she’s eating period. in terms of feeding she’s going about 4 hours in between and at night I’ve been trying to get here to go almost all the way thru. Fruits that she’s eating: apples, bananas, avocados, prunes, pears. Vegetables : butternut squash, sweet potato, zucchini, green peas, carrots, and this week we will be trying parsnips and maybe peaches. She is such a good eater! I’ve yet to really have her turn away food, or “tell me” she’s done eating and trust me I’m not skimping on the servings!

Sleeping: Most nights she’ll lay down around 9 and if I’m lucky she’ll stay asleep til 6, some nights she thinks it’s playtime around 2 or 3 am though.

Growth: she is now up to 17 lb 2 oz and 27 in long! When she was sick she lost a little weight, but has been getting it back

Development stuff:
she is laughing and smiling all the time
I think she knows her name
She is sitting up, mostly by herself and for a good amount of time although sometimes she’ll tip one way or another
She is still teething with no teeth and everything is going in the mouth
She is grabbing for things and is alert enough to know what she’s grabbing (ex she’ll see her pacifier and grab it and correctly put it in her mouth, and she holds her bottle up by herself when she is bottle fed)
She gives me kisses !!!!!!!!!



3 thoughts on “6 month update

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    She is doing very well, very proud of her mom who is doing all the right things for her princess. Very special picture, blow up style😀


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