4 month mommy update

This post originally started off as my 4 month mommy update buttttt I seemed to have gotten a little sidetracked and busy and never got around to finishing or posting it:

So as this is my first time doing all of this I figure mommy updates are probably almost as interesting as baby updates? Not really 🙂 but later I think id like to look back and see what I was doing at different points in her life.

i have asked the question to many people that have kids and no one has been able to tell me how nursing moms find the time to sleep?! not just nap but to sleep. even if i fix my munchkin a bottle and add some rice cereal to it so she’ll sleep thru the night, my mommy parts will not go all night without setting off the alarm that it is time to empty them of their liquid gold. le sighhhh. so for the time being i am fine with just letting her wake me up whenever she’s hungry instead of doing the warm bottle thing. this way when i feed her the rice cereal i am also getting her used to the whole spoon thing and also letting her try new foods, and to an extent filling her belly up a little more.

i have figured out that moms really have super powers. not only do i work a full time job but when i come home i have to clean the house, cook food, do the laundry, cut the grass/ do yard work & other house chores, and most importantly tend to my baby ! of course i don’t really sleep ! there’s so much to do. and with D being away i do it by myself. being a mom is a thankless job, but i wouldn’t change my mommy status for anything, my little one is my heart and soul.

[that was as far as I got when I started writing this two months ago. I’ll follow up with a 6 month mommy update later]


One thought on “4 month mommy update

  1. Granny says:

    The thanks for a Mom is seeing her little one look up, raise her little hands, and give you a kiss. Those who have never had little one cannot know that joy, and joy and love it is. Keep up the good work, you are a Super Mom. Love you.


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