saving moneyyyy

i think this is on everyone’s NY resolution list every single year lol or at least its on mine. it never hurts to have a little extra moolah to buy diapers, pay off more debt, save for a down payment, save for a vacation, whatever..

I listed the 52 week savings challenge which i am happy to say i did start. I printed out my sheet to cross off every time i add money and keep it in a jar with my savings. i have also taken to saving all my change in a piggy bank. previously, i never really carried cash on me, except when i would go out [like downtown when i was frequenting the nightly hang outs…] butttt i don’t do that these days and so i rarely go anywhere with cash on me. which i have also decided to change. if i go to the craft store with only a $20 bill, this ensures that i won’t walk out with over $60 worth of craft supplies to add to my ever growing stockpile. and whatever change is left over, goes into my piggy bank or my 52 week jar. (just cause you have a set amount to save every week doesn’t mean you can’t add more a long the way.)

I don’t track what i spend on clothes for my little princess but sometimes i see beautiful little dresses and outfits that i think to buy for her, look down at the price tag and im like whattttt?!! $30 for a dress that she might wear? babies grow so fast, that i know i’ve missed out on dressing her up in some things just cause. So to “save,” whenever I’m shopping for her i check the clearance rack for bigger sizes and am slowly growing her closet for a fraction of what I could be spending, and am also ensuring that i will always have clothes for her.

I am also going to try this crazy couponing stuff out. What I’ve learned so far is that things go on sale in cycles.on a 6-8 weeks cycle so when something is on sale, and you use it in your house, stock up then ! And try to find multiples of a newspaper so you can get multiple coupons for the same item. Which means you may be buying 4-6 of the same item to get the most money off. Most places accept a manufacturer and store coupon for the same item! which means more savings! In my light research of this topic, I’ve found that a lot of times when there’s a coupon for something there is also a store sale on that item. So going forward I would like to spend less money on my grocery bill which would enable me to have more money. It’s totally possible just gotta put the effort in to find the sales and savings.


One thought on “saving moneyyyy

  1. Granny says:

    Great ideas! But, the shopping all the time needs to slow down. I know that habit very well,
    not myself, but you know who. My motto is – if you need something, fine, if you only want the
    item, leave it. Keep up the good works.


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