7 month mommy update

just like i said, here is my mommy update… what have i been doing these past 7 months since i became a mom? what has changed in my life besides i wake up to this beautiful angel face everyday?

well i can finally say after about 6 months i am getting some sleep! i don’t know if its that she’s little older now, or that i full her belly more at night, or that i’ve got her on a schedule or maybe a combination but i am finally getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at a time. [ the lack of uninterrupted sleep was really starting to affect me] the trade-off though is now that she is sleeping more thru the night she’s also more active during the day and requires more of my free hands so i sometimes get less done during the day and have reverted to doing them after i put her down for the night.

my social life has calmed down a lot. where i was once free to stroll about at my own leisure at any time of day, i now prefer to be home by a certain time. i’ve come to know a group of other mommy friends that i am grateful for because they can relate to my situation and make for great play dates. i have also come to realize who was really a friend; those that still have time for me even though that means hanging out with a baby too. they realize that i don’t love them any less because i love her, and see that i am sometimes too busy to be a friend because im being a mom and that is ok with them.

i’ve learned to prioritize my life better. and have learned to use my time more wisely. before i had her, i felt like sometimes there wasn’t enough time in the day; i was juggling full time school and extracurriculars, part time work, and a pretty active social life in multiple friend groups. now i juggle a full time career job, a full time mommy job, while maintaining a house and staying somewhat social. now i feel like i have much more to do, but i still manage to get it done. i plan on trying to be more social and spend more time with friends. and of course my love muffin will be right there with me.

i love life. though i wish D was working here and not somewhere else, i love life. She gives me a constant reason to smile and laugh even in my darkest hours, and i would do anything to keep a sparkle in her bright eyes and a smile on that drooly-face.


One thought on “7 month mommy update

  1. Granny says:

    Darling I am ever grateful that you are the strong person you are, that you can appreciate all
    the wonderful joys of motherhood, the smiling face, bright eyes and knowing look. You are doing
    a wonderful job, but, you must remember always to have fun whatever you are doing
    Love and kisses


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