7 month baby update

not too much difference than the 6 month update but here goes:

Eating: baby girl is now also eating parsnips and chicken, and im looking to find some frozen peaches to try her on this week, and some green beans! 
she is seeming to drink more milk. [i notice at daycare sometimes she’s only waiting 3 hours between feeds, so im starting to fill her bottles a little more. but the doc said babies normally peak around 8-9 months and then decrease cause they are also eating solids.]

development stuff : she sits up by herself pretty well.
no teeth yet, although she’s drooling everywherrrree.
not walking yet, and not full on crawling either but she scoots quite well. especially on beds and softer surfaces.
did i say in the last one that im pretty sure she knows her name?

i don’t see the doc again til 9 months so i don’t know how much she weighs or how long she is but she’s still yummy. 

also she stillllll has a stuffy/runny nose 😦 im debating getting one of those crazy swedish nose things, or one of those battery operated nose-sucker-outters. [very specific name i know. just can’t remember the real name right now lol]



One thought on “7 month baby update

  1. Granny says:

    You can always find her weight by weighing yourself and then hold her. Stuffy nose, I would not
    put any contraption on her nose she could take if off and put in her mouth. Maybe it is due to having the heat on in the house. Try the humidifier. If it continues check with the doctor. I am so happy she is eating so well, and all sorts of things, great. At day care does she have any cereal or
    fruit there?


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