Weekend in Review – Cut the cable

We cut the cable Friday night!
I’ve actually been thinking about doing it for at least three years now cause tv is just a distraction anyway. The bill was going to go up cause our “promotional offer” was expiring and with netflix and Internet, television just isn’t necessary. To be honest I was feeling weird at first cutting it right before the weekend, when most people finally get the time to relax and watch it.. But I didn’t even go to turn the tv on once! I did watch a movie on Netflix last night but I could have done other stuff before bed and not felt any kind of way. I feel like in the long run this is going to make me a way more productive person, or just make my hobbies that much more defined lol

So this happened. The bulb aspirator +saline was not doing the trick so I had to bring in the big guns. It was this or the electronic one, and I really was not partial to either. But a coworker of mine told me he got this one and insisted it worked. I said what the hey and got this crazy contraption. You don’t actually put the tube in their nose like I originally thought, it goes just outside and you LITERALLY suck their boogers out. Don’t think about it much, it sounds kinda gross. She wasn’t a fan of it of course, but I think I kinda like it. The suction was good enough to pull a lot out and I could pull as long as I still had breath in my lungs. With a regular bulb aspirator you can only pull proportional to how much air you squeezed out prior. I’ll see in the next few days if it makes more progress. But she slept sounding better last night anyway.

Jackpot. I am eternally grateful for whoever let me know about this place because I got all of this for … $40! Babies grow out their clothes fast and unless you plan on having more kids and saving those clothes what are you going to do with their too small clothes. Sell them to a gently used store, duh. Which is basically what this place is, they sell everything baby; clothes, strollers, toys, swings, bouncers, etc. I saw they were having a $1 sale! I got like 90% of these for $1 and a couple of other things were too cute to pass up so I paid the “full price” for them.


Sunday Funday photo shoot.
In the kitchen.
With her giraffe. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Cut the cable

  1. Granny says:

    That is so funny. I was going to suggest that you look for a consignment store for B’s too small clothes. Mostly they are like new there, as you say they grow so fast. In Europe there are wonderful Charity stores too, Your Great-granny loved them. I am so ;proud that you have cut
    your TV cable. I might just have to do that too. Love to you and my little princess.


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