Weekend in Review – Decals + Egg muffins

I was doing so good with consistently posting my weekend recap and then I fell off! WellI’m back and will do better, I promise.
“farmers market.”
I went to a farmers market last weekend and it was fun! They had food vendors, live music, art, and fruits and veggies for sale. I was a little disappointed in the prices as my friend told me she got a lot of stuff at a good deal at a different market so I didn’t leave with much. This weekend I went to an indoor market and in the name of eating healthy I stocked up. Plus baby girls appetite has increased and leaves me constantly in the kitchen whipping up good eats for her.


sweet dreams vinyl decal.
Vinyl decals are deceiving. They look like regular peel and stickies but they’re not. Peel and stick wall art is easy. Never the less this one came out cute and it was on sale at target. Now I just need more picture frames so I can hang around it. Or maybe I’ll make something… I still need to paint my belly cast !

eggs muffins
On this path to a flatter tummy and less love handles means I should eat less bagels and pancakes right? Sigh but I love them. Anyway needed a quick morning breakfast that doesn’t come in a box, [although I make my pancakes from scratch]. I’ve seen people talk about egg muffins, they sounded cute. I scrambled 8 eggs and seasoned them, added some onions, grape tomatoes, white cheddar cheese and put a turkey bacon strip in a couple of cups. Baked them at 350 for about a half hour (til my toothpick came out clean) and it made 9, after I baked them I realized I forgot milk. Sigh, next week I’ll add it. {they taste good, but i think milk would be that frosting on top to make them fluffier}

new plants
I’ve always wanted to grow my own edible plants. I have had an aloe plant for a couple years now and finally took that step to growing my own stuff, like edible stuff. I got a peppermint, basil and oregano plant and green onion and carrot seeds. Now we pray lol. Since we don’t own the house I’m not anxious to plant them outside so I’m starting by potting them and going from there. I am also growing avocado trees from the seed! I have two so far, and while they can take at least 5 years before they bear fruit I will have two beautiful trees in the mean time, plus my other stuff. if i can grow them lol. [ advice and suggestions are welcome as i am a newbie to this subject ]


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Decals + Egg muffins

  1. Granny says:

    I love all your ideas, but, the idea of growing avocado trees is a bit much. You see avocado trees grow to about 20 – 30 feet tall!!!! Or maybe you are growing them for Mom. I must try the egg muffins they sound so good. Love you.


  2. Granny says:

    second reply, forgot to mention this: What about flour in your muffins? What made them muffins?
    Let me know before I try them. Love and kisses


  3. Tony says:

    I have to go with Granny on the avocado tree. You might be pushing the boundries a bit on that one, or maybe you found a minaiture variety.


  4. Genevieve laidley says:

    There is nothing like Fresh seasonings, the food taste so much better. I grew basil, parsley, tomatoes, mint, and it was great. They were easy to grow. You need a big pit for the tomatoes as they grow talk so is the mint. Auntie Ariel grows rosemary, it is flavorful in ur cooking also. Enjoy.


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