Weekend in Review – Gardening

It was a rainy grey weekend so we spent a lot of it inside cuddling, eating ice cream and watching Netflix. How I Met Your Mother, in case you were wondering.
I made more egg muffins, with milk this time ! They came out really good, especially since I cut back on the amount of onion lol (these are supposed to be on the to breakfast eats) and I added more cheese and spinach. They are really more egg cups then muffin actually.

Mostly I did garden stuff this weekend, thankful for a screened in patio!  In pots I did garlic, parsley and lemon seeds. I don’t know what the lemon seeds will do so I might add some to the germination station later today. (And since I was meal prepping for little miss, instead of throwing out the butternut squash seeds I washed and dried them to save for when I am going to plant some. I also ran across a recipe for roasting them since apparently they are edible in that way as well).


I also started filling on my germination station! I planted in it lettuce, carrots and lavender and put flower plotting soil in the rest of the cells. This thing is supposed to help the seeds germinate faster 😀


The green onions are sprouting!  I think these are the first thing I’ve planted from seed since like the 3rd grade, so it feels good to see those little green buds popping up especially after only what  a week? Probably going to need to thin them out and transplant some. Can’t wait til they will be ready to eat.



One thought on “Weekend in Review – Gardening

  1. Granny says:

    You are really too much, my hat goes off to you. Remember to let the seedlings get to about 3 to 4 ins, so they are strong for the transplant. It looks as if you have a green thumb. Does the little
    miss sit and watch you, or does she join in too LOL.
    Love you. Off to Silver Sneakers at Porky’s will tell you about it later.
    Love u


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