8 month update

8 months already. take a breath cause time is flying. im already brainstorming birthday party ideas 🙂

babygirl is sleeping thru the night, but that’s not really new.

she is 19 lb 4 oz, and 27 inches long? – question mark cause shes so squirmy when they try to measure her at the docs office lol.

eating: she is am amazing solid food eater. she loovess her fruits and will yell at me if im not feeding her fast enough or if she finishes and wants more. she doesn’t spit any out and seems to like everything i’ve given her except maybe the green peas. i’m up to giving her solids 3x a day after her bottle and she has snacks sometimes too (those little puff star shaped snacks). 

development: she sits up and tries to pull herself up a lot.

she does mostly the army crawl when shes on the floor and uses her legs more when on a bed or softer surface.

she picks things up with her fingers versus using her whole hand and is at the stage when she realizes if i’ve hidden something from her.

i’m working on teaching her “sign language” – mostly just “more” and “eat” and “up.”

and i feel like maybe im forgetting something cause she amazes me with everything she does 🙂


2 thoughts on “8 month update

  1. Granny says:

    What a wonderful blog. She really is something. I do hope that she will always love to eat most
    anything, so much more healthy than the bottled stuff. What cereal are you giving her now?
    Keep up the good works. Love you


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    All she has had is homemade all natural keep it up. Kids now a days only eat junk food that is why they don’t like healthy stuff. You are amazing and a great mom, keep doing what your doing. Kisses


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