garden party

since i did my planting over the weekend, i’ve also planted some red currant tomatoes and okra seeds.

fingers crossed for some success.

i’ve been doing lots of research on gardening and have also come across canning and dehydrating food. so many awesome articles and youtube vids that are inspiring this new found hobby.

and i think what i like most about it is the yummy return on investment i’m hoping to get. [i love crafting and scrapbooking and other creative outlets that i’ve previously dabbled in but some of those are costly hobbies that don’t yield as much in return other than the satisfaction of having done it and having something pretty to look at… hmm maybe i should take up candle making again..]

anyway. im excited about my gardening and since i took that green onion pic on saturday i checked on them yesterday (tuesday) and here’s what they look like:


😀 i’m so excited that it makes me feel a little nerdy


One thought on “garden party

  1. Granny says:

    They look wonderful. Good luck on all the other plants. Are you eventually going to plant them outside?. They have some long plant boxes (plastic) which you could use for transplanting things
    into, just as long as they have holes to let out excess water.


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