Weekend in Review – Gardening?

i dont know if i posted but baby girl has two little teeth! which she likes to bite me with lol. friday i think they were bothering  her so it was a cuddle night once i got home.

saturday we ran errands looking for shoes for her. she is going to be transitioning into the next  class and has been standing a lot which both mean walking soon, and shoes are needed. baby shoes are adorableeee but also not as easy to find, cause lets be honest they aren’t really necessary if you’re not walking yet. tried Kohls and they didnt have baby sizes, and i tried TJ Maxx which had about 2 shoes in her size but i didnt like.  found a couple cute pairs at target though 😀

we went to my friends birthday dinner that night and everyone LOVEDDD her. she did great, she was so smiley and all the girls kept commenting on how happy and well behaved she is. (they don’t know she saves  the rowdy tendencies for when we are home lol)


sunday funday. d got me an edible arrangements and flowers and pizza 😀


also my garden.. i pulled out a couple of the lettuce plants cause i really dont know what was going on with them but they didnt look happy. but my green bean plant seems to be doing fabulous ! i started another seed last night.


also replanted some flowers and it looks like now i have lobelia, marigolds, petunias, verbena and zinnia currently growing and lavender which is labeled as a herb.


my avocado pit is spreading out some roots. tree coming soon!


this experiment of garlic.. one of them is growing something huge. and not only is it growing huge but its growing fast. i planted them all at the same time but this one is making progress. the other have sprouted some greens too so hopefully they are also growing under the soil.


here are the 3 plants that i got from home depot or lowes. i cheated with these but theyve been growing nicely. peppermint, basil and oregano from back to front


made some crockpot beef stew. im doing meal prep these days so a crockpot is great.

i also made roasted fennel, lemon pepper chicken, and seasoned roasted chicken. [in the oven lol]


andd i took baby girl to the pool for the first time! the water was freezing so we mostly just put our feet in. she was fascinated with the other kids in the water and finally warmed up to playing in the water so i let her splash around for a bit. looks like we’ll be going back to the pool again soon



Weekend in Review – Gardening

im late on my weekend recap. i normally post them on monday but i forgot to take my pics on sunday/monday morning like normal and monday after work we had a play date 🙂

i have now forgotten what i did over the weekend so all i have is garden updates. thats probably all i did anyway. ive been trying to catch up on my relax time.

i transplanted the carrots i had growing and started some from seed in the same large container. [note to self: just do carrots in the container they’ll grow in.]

i started some more from seed flowers including lobelia, poppy and some petunias.

i have no idea what my lettuce is doing. idk if they never recovered from being transplanted or this is what normally happens or they didnt grow properly after initially sprouting. im seriously debating just pulling up the little stragglers and starting over.

my garlic seems to be doing quite well, especially since they were kind of just an experiment.


my green onions seem to be thickening up which is good, because i was beginning to wonder about those too.

and my lone green bean plant seems to be blossoming quite nicely.


my parsley is growing too.


also i have 2 tomato (red currant?) growing ad what looks to be a third and two lavender which have taken foreverrr to sprout.




Weekend in Review – Gardening

this one was a quiet weekend. I worked from home Friday because I was sick and tried recovering all weekend. It’s Monday and I still can’t smell or taste anything and am still working on the congestion which is making it hard for me to breathe like a normal person. le sigh.

Stayed home all Saturday in bed with baby girl watching netflix (we have now watched all the available How I Met Your Mother episodes, and I am researching ways to get Season 9 episodes) (looking into new options of what to watch)

Did grocery shopping sunday and mostly have garden update pics:

lettuce is growing so i transplanted them into bigger pots.


at least 2 of my garlic cloves are poking out something.


and i have a couple of okra plants growing! (if you look very closelyyy you can see a little green next to the okra in the back, and that is carrot(s).


also i got my flower seeds in, so i planted zinnia, verbena, sunflower and marigold.

and in case you were wondering about my ever growing green onions, i thinned a couple of them out but im thinking maybe i should thin them some more…