Weekend in Review – Gardening

this one was a quiet weekend. I worked from home Friday because I was sick and tried recovering all weekend. It’s Monday and I still can’t smell or taste anything and am still working on the congestion which is making it hard for me to breathe like a normal person. le sigh.

Stayed home all Saturday in bed with baby girl watching netflix (we have now watched all the available How I Met Your Mother episodes, and I am researching ways to get Season 9 episodes) (looking into new options of what to watch)

Did grocery shopping sunday and mostly have garden update pics:

lettuce is growing so i transplanted them into bigger pots.


at least 2 of my garlic cloves are poking out something.


and i have a couple of okra plants growing! (if you look very closelyyy you can see a little green next to the okra in the back, and that is carrot(s).


also i got my flower seeds in, so i planted zinnia, verbena, sunflower and marigold.

and in case you were wondering about my ever growing green onions, i thinned a couple of them out but im thinking maybe i should thin them some more…



2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Gardening

  1. Granny says:

    I would let the green onions as they are. Let them get thicker and stronger. You have quite
    a garden going. Do hope that you are feeling better. Love you and send kisses


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Wow so proud if you, it’s quite a vegetable garden you have there. I wish I had the space to have one like that. The food taste so much better when it’s coming from your own garden. No chemicals, all natural from the earth😀 love it can’t wait to see them full grown. Very nice


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