Weekend in Review – Gardening

im late on my weekend recap. i normally post them on monday but i forgot to take my pics on sunday/monday morning like normal and monday after work we had a play date šŸ™‚

i have now forgotten what i did over the weekend so all i have is garden updates. thats probably all i did anyway. ive been trying to catch up on my relax time.

i transplanted the carrots i had growing and started some from seed in the same large container. [note to self: just do carrots in the container they’ll grow in.]

i started some more from seed flowers including lobelia, poppy and some petunias.

i have no idea what my lettuce is doing. idk if they never recovered from being transplanted or this is what normally happens or they didnt grow properly after initially sprouting. im seriously debating just pulling up the little stragglers and starting over.

my garlic seems to be doing quite well, especially since they were kind of just an experiment.


my green onions seem to be thickening up which is good, because i was beginning to wonder about those too.

and my lone green bean plant seems to be blossoming quite nicely.


my parsley is growing too.


also i have 2 tomato (red currant?) growing ad what looks to be a third and two lavender which have taken foreverrr to sprout.





2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – Gardening

  1. Granny says:

    You certainly have quite a garden, and the plants look very healthy. Like you not sure about the
    lettuce. I would continue for a while to tend to them and see what happens. In the meantime plant
    some others. Maybe for some plants it would be good to get seedlings from a garden nursery.
    It is good to relax, especially when you have a very hectic week.
    Love you soooooooooo much


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Some will take very well and others won’t don’t give up keep trying. All they need is tender loving care. Big kisses


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