Party planning sneak peek

here are a few pics of some of the party planning that has been going on in my house.

pic 1 is my first attempt at making cake pops. you should never ever attempt a recipe for an event right before the event especially if you’re making cake pops ! this was definitely a learning experience and a test on time management for how im going to uutilize the few days before her party.

also pictured is our dining room table which is covered in my crafts. good thing we have a kitchen island that we can eat at :)… can you guess the theme ?

i still need to get table cloths, balloons, and balloon accessories. i also need to finish the centerpieces and decorations but i am well on the way to being done at least a month before its time to partayy. woo hoo.






10 month update

i missed the 9 month update 😦 wahhhh

so much has happened with baby girl:

she is crawling and has been for a while now. she is also pulling herself up and standing as long as she has something to hold on to. she can stand unassisted for a few seconds but then she plops on her booty.

she is taking steps along with mommy/daddy’s guiding hands. [she absolutely LOVES this]

she is very rowdy when it comes time to lay down for a diaper change or change her clothes. she will flip around and not sit still during the process which is very tricky when there is a “big” diaper to be changed lol. not always very fun for us.

she loves to eat!   she is eating her pureed foods, doing breastmilk as her primary food- milk at least 5x a day and food 3x a day with snacks in between. she has also had arrow root cookies, puff snacks, cheerios, graham crackers, vanilla wafers, and cheezits. she’s tried pieces of cut up fruit and avocado, and she likes ice cream! she drinks water occasionally and we tried her with the taste of a lemon (too bad i didn’t have the camera ready). at school they’ve tried her with chicken fingers, fries, hot dogs, oranges, among other things. she licks her lips when she sees you eating cause she thinks she’s going to eat your food too! but she is nice and if you ask her to share – she will sometimes !

she claps her hands, and says hello/bye. she loves to clap when she hears music, especially for her favorite shows: jake and the neverland pirates and mickey mouse clubhouse. on that note she seems to be very focused when she does things. she will watch a tv show with the focus of an older child (at least that’s how i feel) and she seems to be very aware of things.

she loves to play peek a boo with you ! sometimes if she is standing on a chair she’ll bend down so you only see the top of her head and then she’ll pop up. or if she has say a blanket or shirt in her hand she’ll throw it over her face and wait a few seconds before taking out so you can see her. cutest thing ive ever seen!

she’s been to the pool and we put her in one of those blow up things she can sit in. she loveddd kicking her feet in the water and seeing the other kids playing.

at her last visit(the 9 month one) she was 29″ long and 19.9 lbs. 84 percentile for her height but 60-something percentile for her weight. she’s been sick at least twice so i am not so worried about her being petite.

she is not a fan of very socks or shoes. although she may wear them for a short period of time once she’s sitting; in her carseat, stroller, or your lap; she’ll pull them off inspect them and either throw them or put them in her mouth lol. we’re working on it. at least she keeps the headbands and hairclips on, knock on wood.

she is smiley. she is smiley. she is smiley. everyone that meets her tells me how smiley and happy she seems to be 🙂 when we take her places she is very well behaved which is good except she likes to act like a little monkey and go between mommy and daddy carrying her very often. half a minute mommy half a minute daddy and so on lol. we love the cuddle time though. oh and she likes to give us kisses. although sometimes they involve teeth.

Garden update



as promised here is my garden update pics. a little late but nonetheless present. [i will say with all the other stuff ive been doing i havent been tending to it like i was before:( but i got some progress.]

i had originally planned on planting more of certain things so the similar plants would be close “in age” but whatevs. hopefully because the weather has been consistently warm if i plant again the new seedlings will just sprout up. also not shown are my flowers which have leaves but no buds, my garlic,carrots, lettuce and herbs…



this is one of the avocado trees that i started from seed. i did it the toothpick and water way and for a while i was ready to give up but alas here is a little baby tree.


this plant in the foreground is avocado-from-seed-numero-2. after they started sprouting leaves i pinched those off so these are new leaves that you see. i also started two seeds in a wet paper towel in a bag in a cabinet. i think one of those started growing roots but honestly i forgot about them and probably should do something about it.







this is my only tomato plant. i believe its a red currant variety, one of the smaller kinds. dont mind the eggshells; tomatos love calcium and i accidentally spilled the bigger pieces when trying to add my little crushed shells in. for a while i didnt think this plant was going to make it, it looked very small and sickly and has just recently started to grow and look healthy. it gives me hope for some of the others.


these are my 3 okra plants. for a while these remained the same height and i was contemplating starting them over but left them in the hopes that they were just progressing their roots. then they started to grow 3rd leaves and i said ok i will let them be.


one of my lovely green bean plants. i was most excited for these, not because i love green beans but because they sprouted and looked like they were going to be sooo productive and successful. i know i need to trellis them. ive been saying for the longest im going to and shame on me i havent. but anyway something has been munching on their little leaves ! i am most upset. the bugs don’t seem to be eating any of the other plants. i see little flying bugs around all the plants and i wonder if they are the culprits but don’t know what to do to get rid of my pesky insect problem. suggestions are welcome !!!! [you can see my first green bean hanging off this plant 🙂 ]