Garden update



as promised here is my garden update pics. a little late but nonetheless present. [i will say with all the other stuff ive been doing i havent been tending to it like i was before:( but i got some progress.]

i had originally planned on planting more of certain things so the similar plants would be close “in age” but whatevs. hopefully because the weather has been consistently warm if i plant again the new seedlings will just sprout up. also not shown are my flowers which have leaves but no buds, my garlic,carrots, lettuce and herbs…



this is one of the avocado trees that i started from seed. i did it the toothpick and water way and for a while i was ready to give up but alas here is a little baby tree.


this plant in the foreground is avocado-from-seed-numero-2. after they started sprouting leaves i pinched those off so these are new leaves that you see. i also started two seeds in a wet paper towel in a bag in a cabinet. i think one of those started growing roots but honestly i forgot about them and probably should do something about it.







this is my only tomato plant. i believe its a red currant variety, one of the smaller kinds. dont mind the eggshells; tomatos love calcium and i accidentally spilled the bigger pieces when trying to add my little crushed shells in. for a while i didnt think this plant was going to make it, it looked very small and sickly and has just recently started to grow and look healthy. it gives me hope for some of the others.


these are my 3 okra plants. for a while these remained the same height and i was contemplating starting them over but left them in the hopes that they were just progressing their roots. then they started to grow 3rd leaves and i said ok i will let them be.


one of my lovely green bean plants. i was most excited for these, not because i love green beans but because they sprouted and looked like they were going to be sooo productive and successful. i know i need to trellis them. ive been saying for the longest im going to and shame on me i havent. but anyway something has been munching on their little leaves ! i am most upset. the bugs don’t seem to be eating any of the other plants. i see little flying bugs around all the plants and i wonder if they are the culprits but don’t know what to do to get rid of my pesky insect problem. suggestions are welcome !!!! [you can see my first green bean hanging off this plant 🙂 ]



One thought on “Garden update

  1. Granny says:

    Love the plants. to get rid of the flies and bugs you can mix water and dish detergent and spray all the plants. It does not harm the plants and also it is not an insecticide. My sister Anne is an avid
    gardener, can make a dead twig grow, and that is what she uses on her plants and trees. You
    certainly are a busy ‘B”.
    Love you sooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuch


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