sickie sickie but not really

catching vomit in your hands.. well it just can’t compare to anything else really.

baby girl seemed fine tuesday after we got her from daycare. playing with us with no qualms. and in the 2 secs we weren’t looking at her she threw up everything. come to think of it i’ve never seen her throw up. yes she had some acid reflex when she was smaller and would spit up after nursing/bottle feeding but that wasn’t really throwing up.

tuesday she threw UP. we stripped the comforter, and pillowcases and cuddled with her and she seemed fine. no temperature, still a happy demeanor. we thought maybe she just put her finger in her mouth a little too far.

10 mins later. more throwing up ūüė¶ it was so sad watching her little face in pain as she emptied her stomach like that. almost instantly after we got her clothes off she fell asleep on daddy’s chest. poor little baby.

she threw up all the water we gave her after her nap and the milk i tried to feed her since i knew her stomach was empty. and yes we caught it with our hands and clothes and whatever we could find. but she still seemed to not show any other “sick” symptoms. we called the nurse line and they told us what to do.

kept her home yesterday and she seemed to be doing well until she threw up after lunch time. and this time when she threw up D was holding her up in the air above him while he laid on the bed. can you guess how that went?… yup all in his beard, ALLL over his shirt, in his shorts and seeped through to his skin. lol. (she has now vomited on, pooped on and peed on daddy! i think i find this funnier than he does c: )

that was probably our fault though; we filled her up with pedialyte and milk trying to make sure she wasn’t hungry.
we went and saw the doc and they told me she had a double ear infection (AGAIN) and that may be why she was throwing up. ughhh. they gave us a shot instead of oral antibiotics and today she seems to be doing better. thankfully. but we had to ration out her liquids for the rest of the night and have been doing so today. a minute or two of the milk and a minute or two wait period. just so you know she absorbs some of it at least. she’s not a fan of this as you can imagine but if it helps then we can take her being not so happy with us during mealtime.


11 month update

the countdown has begun!

my babygirl is turning 1 !

i would keep that little rhyme up but i’ve got nothing else.

oh myy. i’ve blinked my eyes and here she is almost a toddler now.

what’s new with her? well she is about 19 lb 15oz and 29 in long/tall.

she loves to stand up and try to walk. (she especially loves toys with wheels that she can push)

she is eating lots of things. so much that i stopped keeping track like i was. sometimes we’ll cut up pieces of what we’re eating and give her. i.e avocado, strawberries, kiwi, rice, ice cream ! bananas she’s not too fond of – maybe the slimy texture? she loves her little puff snacks, and those baby cheetos too. not too fond of the baby yogurt balls, although it could be the mixed berry flavor we got. she also really likes those arrowroot cookies, with her two little teeth she goes to work on them!

other than that i don’t know what else. she’s smart though. her little puff snacks are just a bottle with a top you can pop off. she knows that she can’t use her own hands to pull it off so she takes the bottle to her mouth and uses her teeth to pop the top and proceeds to put her little baby hands in the bottle to get her prize.

i can’t remember what else is new from last month but maybe that’s cause even when she does something not new i still think its amazing. especially watching her do things for herself, like holding her bottle, picking out from the same tray the puff snacks that she prefers from the cheerios that aren’t as desirable to her, to knowing which cabinets don’t have locks yet and opening those instead.¬†image11

reflection for mother’s day

in honor of this upcoming sunday; my first official mother’s day.

this time last year i was caressing my belly lovingly waiting for my princess to arrive. now i am planning her 1st birthday and trying to teach her to walk. so much has transpired in a year, it makes me sit back and examine things so much closer. all the ups and downs, tears and laughs, but what stands out the most is love. an indescrible kind of love that is overwhelming sweet and keeps you smiling well into the night even when everything around you seems to make you frown..

the other day, a friend and i were talking about pregnancy. she asked me what did it feel when the baby kicked. indescribable. how do you describe feeling life moving inside you? how can you put in words what it feels like to know that there is a tiny human growing in your womb, a tiny person that knows what your heart sounds like from the inside? my only regret is not taking enough pregnancy pics and videos! i think i was just in so much awe that i never grabbed my camera in time to capture the moment.

now i have a busy bundle of joy that i can cuddle and laugh with and kiss and teach how to be a lady. night before last she fed me cheerios and gave me kisses without me asking.¬†we clapped our hands when the music played for jake and the neverland pirates and she laughed when i blew the cookie crumbs off her face. she can turn the darkest days into the biggest smiles. last night i watched her take her first step. she looked so surprised that she did it on her own and¬† immediately plopped down on her booty and started crawling around her room once more. A couple of attempts¬†to get her to try and take any more steps but she kept reaching for my hands, for that comfort of knowing that i won’t let her fall. ¬†there is nothing i wouldn’t do for that rowdy baby girl and although i already love her more than anything it seems to grow more with each passing day.


party supply sites

because i am in full party planning mode i thought i’d save a couple of the helpful sites in one place for when i need them again.

and in case you needed some ūüôā


birthdayinabox Рlots of themed party supples. has solid color stuff for $1. also has costumes, balloons and options for personalization

codwholesale Рhas tablecloths, ballons, cheap paper lanterns, acrylic accents, lights, tulle, servingware, etc

vistaprint Рfor printing out invitations or posters. they are always having sales on their stuff- win

paperculture¬†– has a lot of cute invitation ideas if i don’t feel like designing the whole thing myself.

catchmyparty – has free printables for party decor


wholesaleprincess – not a party website but has a lot of tutus, wings, and headbands for little girls at good prices.