reflection for mother’s day

in honor of this upcoming sunday; my first official mother’s day.

this time last year i was caressing my belly lovingly waiting for my princess to arrive. now i am planning her 1st birthday and trying to teach her to walk. so much has transpired in a year, it makes me sit back and examine things so much closer. all the ups and downs, tears and laughs, but what stands out the most is love. an indescrible kind of love that is overwhelming sweet and keeps you smiling well into the night even when everything around you seems to make you frown..

the other day, a friend and i were talking about pregnancy. she asked me what did it feel when the baby kicked. indescribable. how do you describe feeling life moving inside you? how can you put in words what it feels like to know that there is a tiny human growing in your womb, a tiny person that knows what your heart sounds like from the inside? my only regret is not taking enough pregnancy pics and videos! i think i was just in so much awe that i never grabbed my camera in time to capture the moment.

now i have a busy bundle of joy that i can cuddle and laugh with and kiss and teach how to be a lady. night before last she fed me cheerios and gave me kisses without me asking. we clapped our hands when the music played for jake and the neverland pirates and she laughed when i blew the cookie crumbs off her face. she can turn the darkest days into the biggest smiles. last night i watched her take her first step. she looked so surprised that she did it on her own and  immediately plopped down on her booty and started crawling around her room once more. A couple of attempts to get her to try and take any more steps but she kept reaching for my hands, for that comfort of knowing that i won’t let her fall.  there is nothing i wouldn’t do for that rowdy baby girl and although i already love her more than anything it seems to grow more with each passing day.



3 thoughts on “reflection for mother’s day

  1. Granny says:

    So beautiful. You speak of things that we felt, but never expressed. Your love shows each time’
    we meet, the link between you and Brielle is so strong and quite amazing. Love you and her, and
    send big kisses.


  2. Francoise L. Pean says:

    Incredible, isn’t it? and what is REALLY crazy, and I mean it, REALLY REALLY CRAZY, is that you are going to love each of your children the same way, even more if that is possible. I always thought that having two children meant 50% of each, balanced attention, balanced care, balanced everything… But no, it becomes not 50%, not 100%, but 200%, and 300% as far as I am concerned. Incredible how each child is loved, cared about, brings about new wonderful things in your life…..
    And what is very important also is the fact that your child is not alone, he or she has you, forever, 100% to each, and that you can give him/her siblings that will be supportive, attentive, all along…
    In the mean time, enjoy Little Bee, she is indeed a treasure, and maternity reveals to each of us the treasures of love we never thought we had within our hearts!


  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    It is incredible the love and feeling that mothers have for their children no matter how many we have it’s a strong beyond comprehension attachment. It is beautiful to watch both of you interact with each other, you have a strong bond and that’s what matters . God’s Blessing. Xoxoxo


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