11 month update

the countdown has begun!

my babygirl is turning 1 !

i would keep that little rhyme up but i’ve got nothing else.

oh myy. i’ve blinked my eyes and here she is almost a toddler now.

what’s new with her? well she is about 19 lb 15oz and 29 in long/tall.

she loves to stand up and try to walk. (she especially loves toys with wheels that she can push)

she is eating lots of things. so much that i stopped keeping track like i was. sometimes we’ll cut up pieces of what we’re eating and give her. i.e avocado, strawberries, kiwi, rice, ice cream ! bananas she’s not too fond of – maybe the slimy texture? she loves her little puff snacks, and those baby cheetos too. not too fond of the baby yogurt balls, although it could be the mixed berry flavor we got. she also really likes those arrowroot cookies, with her two little teeth she goes to work on them!

other than that i don’t know what else. she’s smart though. her little puff snacks are just a bottle with a top you can pop off. she knows that she can’t use her own hands to pull it off so she takes the bottle to her mouth and uses her teeth to pop the top and proceeds to put her little baby hands in the bottle to get her prize.

i can’t remember what else is new from last month but maybe that’s cause even when she does something not new i still think its amazing. especially watching her do things for herself, like holding her bottle, picking out from the same tray the puff snacks that she prefers from the cheerios that aren’t as desirable to her, to knowing which cabinets don’t have locks yet and opening those instead. image11


2 thoughts on “11 month update

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    Time flies, and it shows when your babies are growing up before your eyes. Brielle is very smart so don’t be afraid to teach and keep her motivated. Her brain is a sponge that can absorb a whole lot of information. She is growing beautifully thanks to a great mom. Keep up the good work. Xoxoxo


  2. Granny says:

    Genevieve said it all, but I shall add – The spirit of home is mother; the charm of her love is there; one knows the joy of her ;presence and her ever tender care – Children are our most valuable natural resources. Keep up the good work and the awe you feel each day with Brielle.


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