sickie sickie but not really

catching vomit in your hands.. well it just can’t compare to anything else really.

baby girl seemed fine tuesday after we got her from daycare. playing with us with no qualms. and in the 2 secs we weren’t looking at her she threw up everything. come to think of it i’ve never seen her throw up. yes she had some acid reflex when she was smaller and would spit up after nursing/bottle feeding but that wasn’t really throwing up.

tuesday she threw UP. we stripped the comforter, and pillowcases and cuddled with her and she seemed fine. no temperature, still a happy demeanor. we thought maybe she just put her finger in her mouth a little too far.

10 mins later. more throwing up 😦 it was so sad watching her little face in pain as she emptied her stomach like that. almost instantly after we got her clothes off she fell asleep on daddy’s chest. poor little baby.

she threw up all the water we gave her after her nap and the milk i tried to feed her since i knew her stomach was empty. and yes we caught it with our hands and clothes and whatever we could find. but she still seemed to not show any other “sick” symptoms. we called the nurse line and they told us what to do.

kept her home yesterday and she seemed to be doing well until she threw up after lunch time. and this time when she threw up D was holding her up in the air above him while he laid on the bed. can you guess how that went?… yup all in his beard, ALLL over his shirt, in his shorts and seeped through to his skin. lol. (she has now vomited on, pooped on and peed on daddy! i think i find this funnier than he does c: )

that was probably our fault though; we filled her up with pedialyte and milk trying to make sure she wasn’t hungry.
we went and saw the doc and they told me she had a double ear infection (AGAIN) and that may be why she was throwing up. ughhh. they gave us a shot instead of oral antibiotics and today she seems to be doing better. thankfully. but we had to ration out her liquids for the rest of the night and have been doing so today. a minute or two of the milk and a minute or two wait period. just so you know she absorbs some of it at least. she’s not a fan of this as you can imagine but if it helps then we can take her being not so happy with us during mealtime.


2 thoughts on “sickie sickie but not really

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    😀 poor baby I hope she feels better soon. Babies throwing up can be pretty scary, they don’t know how to tell u it’s coming 😝 it just comes out like a rush. Be sure she gets enough liquids as not to get dehidrated. Take good care, lots of love.


  2. Granny says:

    Yes, liquids are essential for her, babies can dehydrate in a matter of minutes when the vomit
    continually. Apart from having the ear infections again, she may have picked up something at
    the day care like from the ground while playing. Love to all


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