1st birthday fun

alright. now that my life has calmed down just a smidge i am back.

we had babygirl’s birthday this past weekend followed by her baptism and then concluded with my birthday. breathe.

we had family start coming in on tuesday and the excitement just didn’t wear down from there. not to mention i still had to finish making party decorations and bake some of the goodies and i didn’t take any time off from work because i want to save it for vacation later.


we took mini cupcakes to her school on friday and sang happy birthday. i started the cake pops wednesday night and we kept them “naked” in containers til we dipped & bagged them on friday.


so what did we have to eat at the party?

chocolate covered pretzels

2 fruit platters (cut up pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, watermelon, canteloupe, green & red grapes)

1 cheese platter (took 3 cheese blocks and cut them in cubes with toothpicks)

artichoke dip (my grandma makes it and it never lasts longer than 5 minutes)

2 pasta salad trays  (that my mom made)

pizza ! (we did 8 large boxes)

chicken tenders ! (we did 50 grilled and 50 crispy from a local chicken place)



marble smash cake for our munchkin

chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with buttercream frosting

cookies and cream cupcakes with chocolate frosting



chocolate mickey shaped cake pops

swirl lollipops

coloring books

hairclips (that i made)



some pics 🙂 you can’t see all the decorations but we also had swirling streamers on the walls, a lanterns and puff pom poms hanging centerpiece over the food, swirling streamers around the bar area and balloons in various locations.






cupcake toppers that i made







what did we have to do? well we didn’t have music at our venue but i had

coloring pages which i know some of the adult took pleasure in using

bubbles in little mini containers with wands

temporary tattoos & stickers which the adults seemed to have way too much fun with 🙂

punch balls for the smaller kids

and since all of our family doesn’t live in the same city we had that good ol family fun & laughs. plus food. lots of food.


we estimated to have around 50 people for the party. i didn’t count but i know a few families weren’t able to make it, which meant we had more food than was necessary. since everyone came to our house after this was nice cause i was too exhausted to make any kind of edibles.



a picture of a picture of Mickey, Minnie and mini Minnie



One thought on “1st birthday fun

  1. Granny says:

    I cannot say it enough – You are too much. I do not know where you get such energy, probably from that most adorable little girl. Bravo my love. Everything was great, just to short. (Probably yo7u do not think so!!)


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