utterly exhausted

all of our house guests have finally made their way back to their own abodes.

while i was more than  happy to have all of the extra love and excitement in the house, having house guests for 2 weeks is kind of tiring. and our house was nothing short of a mess. i still have leftover birthday food and decorations in the house and i’m pretty sure we lost a few drinking glasses. i’m also missing a pacifier which is very useful at nap times, and am in need of a closet clean-up for the little miss who is transitioning to larger sizes. while im doing a closet clean up for her i might as well do one for me, my drawers are badly in need of reorganizing so i can actually use them. le sigh.

so this week will be the cleaning the house/getting back organized week. it seems things have gotten out of hand and need to be tackled in the house. spring cleaning in the summer i guess.


this past weekend we had two birthday parties for lil mama to go to; saturday was a bowling alley party and sunday was a mini water park/park party. &  it got me thinking of all the things i want to do with her…

i want to show her things and teach her about the world and how to be a well rounded productive member of society. she’s a social little butterfly already even at her tender age of 1 and i can’t wait to take her to museums, and art shows, and enroll her in dance classes and volleyball and all the other fun things that will give her exposure and broaden her way of thinking. i look at my peers and i worry about the future generations; all these kids are growing up on rap lyrics and violent video games and who is supposed to run the country and be role models for our children? while i work every day to be a better woman for my daughter to learn from, i know it takes a village to raise a child and i know i can’t shield her from the world. i just have to show her how to handle the situations she’ll encounter, and show her how to analyze what the media is portraying and how to decide what things to take with a grain of salt.

i love that little curly haired gift from God like you have no idea.



4 thoughts on “utterly exhausted

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    I love you and respect you for the mom that you are and the role model that you want to be for your daughter. I can already see that she is going to be a smart little girl that will need to be challenged at every level, so teach her everything. Get her involved in everything. Knowledge is power. Very proud of you❤️ Give her a big kids for me. God Bless


  2. Granny says:

    I can read your blog several times, and, am still amazed at how you have become a Super Mom. If only everyone, or nearly everyone, could use the noggins and see that the world needs to change. As you say there is too much violence, hate and no respect for your fellow man. I am
    sure you will give the little one the right instructions, with love and mutual respect. Kindness and love is what we need most in the world. Love and kisses


  3. Francoise says:

    B, I think you message encompasses everything that explains why Mothers are celebrated, praised, cherished…. I am not much of a “women’s lib” advocate but I am sure if Mothers were to run this World, there would be less issues to work out among people.
    We need to pray that Mothers are kept safe, protected, valued around the World. Our children bring out the best from ourselves as individuals, thinkers, movers, doers, lovers, deciders, protectors, educators, care takers, providers, givers, workers, inventors, dreamers.
    Bravo Bianca.
    See how a little “Bee” has not changed us, but rather moved us!


  4. Amy says:

    Hi Hunny….. I love what you have written here! I struggle with the same things myself; and you are very correct it does take a village (which you already have in place) so thank God everyday because I feel the love of all of the amazing women who respond to your posts. Bri will be just fine.
    I hate that we missed the festivities, and hope to see you guys in Chicago very soon. It’ll be a few more years before we bring Arryn down for a Disney trip, but hope to see you guys before then.
    The next time you have house guests for 2 week, take advantage of them and ask them for help! I’m willing to bet money that they would’ve loved to have assisted you in your “cleaning and organizing” endeavors.


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