1 yr old update


i think i have a toddler. she doesn’t smell like milk anymore, and now she walks and tries to talk and tells me no when i feed her peas, and she wants to do things for herself.
wahhhh. i just want her to cuddle me and let me give her the bottle and sing her lullabies while i run my fingers thru her little curls…
we met with her doc on Monday and she is now 21 lbs and 12 ish oz and 29.5 inches long. woooo my growing baby girl. (my growing toddler girl?)
we are also past the stage of using milk as a primary nutrient source which means i am done breastfeeding.
[ I DID IT. i am immensely proud of myself for making it this far breatfeeding her. in the beginning ihad my doubts, when my nipples were cracked and sore and i scrunched my toes up every time she clamped down on  them. and then again i had my doubts when she got some teeth and made me so sore i was bleeding for a day, but lo and behold i made it to a year just like i said i wanted to][i would probably continue too but it is slightly stressful finding a pumping spot at work, and having to go through the motions of it needing to buy breast milk bags, remembering to charge my pump and clean all the pump parts  but i wouldn’t change it for anything! i thoroughly enjoyed nursing my baby and am so ecstatic to have done it for so long.] bring on the sangria!  for celebration of course.
on to the big girl foods now. and to the whole milk, and to using up the last reserves of my own milk popsicles.
and on to the walking (which she has been doing for at least a month id say?) she nods and shakes her head yes and no, points at things she wants and LOVES to dance. i can sing her the ABCs and she shakes her little rump. cutest thing ever.  now that she has 5 teeth i am starting to wipe them down at night, maybe ill get her a little toothbrush so she can “brush” like mommy and daddy since she seems so interested. she loves playing in the water and watching sesame street. she loves her snacks and i am starting to transition her off her bottle into using sippy cups and reg cups (with assistance of course).[ yes to the no more cleaning nipples, bottle and bottle rings. i can finally move my bottle dry station off my kitchen counter!] she claps her hands when she’s done with her food and when she hugs you she pats your back ❤



2 thoughts on “1 yr old update

  1. Granny says:

    So proud of you girl! I have never known anyone who has breast fed for a year in this modern
    age. Pepere’s Mom did it for 2 years with him since he had a stomach problem. I only wish I lived
    closer so I could witness all the new developments. They change each day and surprise you all’
    the time. Love you heaps. What are you cooking up for her now?
    Love u.


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    You did good my darling very proud of you. Little missy is doing very well for her age. Keep up the good work . Lots of love😍😘


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