whats in my bag?

on youtube ive seen makeup vloggers do videos of whats in their make up bag. i read a post on another mommy blogger’s site in response to a what’s in my closet article she saw in a magazine. it’s like a little sneak peek into a portion of another person’s life, a quick little check to see if they’re just as crazy and weird as you are.

this morning i was looking for my lip gloss and upon first grab couldn’t find it. since i’ve had my daughter i’ve realized that my purse also doubles as a baby bag sometimes and a storage closet at other times. so i thought a what’s in my bag might be funny?

slightly unassuming at first. it’s not obnoxiously large like some purses. but it’s big enough to get the job done as you will see…






what’s in it you ask???


a medela steam bag. (to clean bottle parts, pacifiers, etc)

a mini umbrella (for those unavoidable summer showers)

1 diaper

1 pair of baby socks

1 iphone 5s arm band holder (got it for free at my job, plan to use it at the gym)

1 EMPTY Sprout baby food squeezable (Banana, pear, pineapple, broccoli and buckwheat) (apparently still taking up residence since her doc appt on Monday)

1 mini fresh lavender hand sanitizer

1 $25 Express cash rewards (you have to spend 75$ before you can use it however, sneaky b*s)

1 tube Lansinoh nipple cream

1 small white hair clip

1 pink lace plastic ring

1 black permanent marker, 3 lead pencils

1 box with 2 earrings (one of babygirls birthday presents)

1 pad, 2 panty shields, 1 tampon

1 AA batteries, 1 paperclip

1 emergen-c packet

3 lip glosses (NYX soft matte lip cream in Addis Ababa and Monte Carlo, Victoria Secret Beauty Rush in some red glitter color that smells really good

2 wallets (one small LV one and a large black Tory Burch clutch/wallet)

my key ring that houses my drivers license

1 roll scotch tape

a lonely Advil

a receipt from my last hair cut


3 name tags to tag babygirl’s bottle for school


in my makeup bag


1 tampon & a dime

benefit “they’re real” mini mascara

MAC:  “spiked” eyebrow pencil, 318 lip brush, prep + prime lip, ruby woo lipstick, kiss me quick longwear lip pencil,

Mary Kay black liquid eyeliner

NYX 817 Hot Red lip pencil

Sephora cream lip stain in “01”

Exfoliate sample from my Wax place


in the zip pocket of the purse


some old Victorias Secret receipts

2 tampons

a roll on Flowerbomb perfume

1 AA battery

my Diesel watch

1 lip gloss (NYX soft matte cream in San Paulo)

Apple business card for the guy that sold me my computer and helped me set it up


a paperclip

jewelry (2 rings, a half of a belly ring and a tongue ring that i was gauging my ears with)




so after closely analyzing my purse contents it’s come to my conclusion, that i carry far too many lip products and am always ready for mother nature to throw her gift at me. 🙂






2 thoughts on “whats in my bag?

  1. pascale says:

    Lmfao. I read this over and over. I witnessed u dropping ur David yurman chain in there too. .This is what you would call a medley of everything. .hahahahahahahahaha


  2. Granny says:

    No wonder your purses are so heavy. It is a wonder you do not take a little microwave too!!!
    You are too much, really.Love always


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