Weekend in Review – July 4

yay for 3day weekends. i need lots more of them in my life.

and yay for another birthday of the US. well kind of. and just like in florida fashion and july 4th tradition it rained. no fun, but it made for a cozy cuddly at home holiday.

we did a little grilling:  lemon pepper chicken, teriyaki shrimp and pineapple skewers, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. and when i say corn on the cob, i mean Mexican corn on the cob. have you ever tried it? have you ever heard of it? D had, but i saw it on pinterest and figured lets try it. not sure if we did it right, but after we took it off the grill, we covered it in melted butter and Mayo and then sprinkled cheese and chili powder on it. mine was still steaming while i was eating it lol but it was good. in the future  i think i will use Parmesan cheese, instead of cheddar and maybe more Mayo? D said he remembers getting mexican corn and it being very mayo-y. not a personal condiment of choice for me so i had a lighter hand when i applied but he swears its really good.

after we grilled we chanced the weather and went to the nearest place doing fireworks. there were a lot of people. a lot.

people were selling fair food; funnel cakes, fruit smoothies, empanadas, etc. others were handing out business cards, trying to gain exposure for their small business and others were out there with fun games for the kids. it was like a sea of vendor tents and people. we walked for a bit and ran into a couple of people from baby girls daycare and other friends. after setting up our chairs on some empty grass we waited for the fireworks that i was worried would scare her. but they didnt! she even clapped !

sunday we went to a church and looked at a new housing development. in our spare time we find new housing developments and look at the model homes. my history teacher in high school’s one piece of advice for us was to “buy some land!” he said it was a good investment and with rent going up every year, we would like to see about buying a house. one that would could fix up and call our very own. one that we could create lasting memories and customize to our liking without having to ask permission to paint the walls or whatever.

after that a bunch of friends came over to see us. they were in town for a wedding and couldn’t leave without gracing us with their presence. it was nice.



2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – July 4

  1. Amy says:

    Hi Babes! Try using “cotijio” cheese. Its considered “Mexican parmesan” and it is DELICIOUS! I have a recipe for alote (which is Mexican corn)that I got from Whitney Young HS one year. Its not on the cob, but Arryn eats it by the boat load when I remember not to use cayenne pepper. LOL
    Glad the fourth was good.
    Check out my facebook page to see our food and fun weekend. Looking forward to swapping recipes with you soon!
    Love to you all!


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