2 months later and i finally make some time for my blog again. i don’t even know if i should try to recap on where we’ve been or just jump right back in…

baby girl is coming up to 15 months and is doing so much. shes pretty much a baby genius. i’m biased but who cares.

she tries to put on her socks and shoes by herself.

she listens, like if i tell her to bring me her bowl for snacks, or get her pacifier off the ground, go play with the balloon, that kind of thing.

she loves food. she will wake up and the first thing she says is more. i’m like really? can i take you out the crib and wipe the sleep boogers out your eye first?! you would think i don’t feed her the way she eats! i promise i do.


speaking of what she says…she also says

mommy/mama & daddy/dadda

nana & papi and papa


cookie & cracker

more (to ask for food)

weee (for when she gets excited like if you push her on her little minnie car)

cheese (when shes holding my phone in front of her to take a picture)

uh oh (this one is the cutest)

night night

bubble (this is what she calls bubbles and balloons)

yes & no

purple, red, yellow, orange

thank you


yay (also for when she gets excited like when she finishes all her food – we clap too)

thats all i can remember right now but im also pretty tired.


shes also super playful, she laughs with you and does funny things that make you just want to grab her up and kiss her.

and manipulative lol. if you sit on the floor to give her yogurt she will back her little booty up til she just plops in your lap. and mid snack time she’ll get up and give you a hug and if you’re lucky a kiss too. i’m pretty sure that’s why all the daycare girls love her, cause she gives you so much love – when you give her snacks πŸ˜€



thats all i got for right now. ill post later and tell you about the pinterest projs that me and D started.! i didn’t take pics during the lamp process but i want to make another soon.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Granny says:

    I am so happy you are back on the blog. Miss it all the time. Yes, I do think you have a little genius.
    She will soon be teaching you things. Love her with all your heart, cherish these precious moments.
    You have a true gem there.
    Love and kisses to all.


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    I’m so glad ur are back on the blogπŸ˜ƒ I do miss it. She is a very smart girl that’s why u have to be a step ahead of her to challenge her all the time. Please make sure u take pictures of all those moments to put in ur scrapbook πŸ˜‰ so when she gets older she can look at it. It will mean a lot to her. She is a precious little girl and we love her so much. Love u too😍😘


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