pinterest project #1

its been a while since i had done any DIY activities and i think i was itching to do another. recently me and D have been talking about things that our house needs, more couch pillows, white towels and white washcloths (i’m kind of really into white linens), a headboard for our bed. we’ve been trying to add those personal home touches.

in our room we have a fan/light and it’s worked great so far, but sometimes i don’t want a light shining down right in my face. and our nightstands can never ever stay uncluttered. i try to keep it clean but things manage to pile up on it. enter lamp idea. i did some light searching (no pun intended)  for a lamp that i liked that wasn’t breaking my budget. ok i didn’t really have a budget but i wasn’t ok with spending upwards of 50$ for one. i was being cheap i know, i don’t care. couldn’t find a good one.

i remembered a while back my aunt made a lamp for my cousin out of a bottle and it was super cute. i had an empty patron bottle that i thought would work perfectly as the base. so i went to lowes and bought the hardware i needed.

[if you’re trying to do this project. make sure you pay attention to what size socket base you buy. the one i bought is meant for candelabra size bulbs. and because of the socket i bought i needed a harp to hold the lamp shade on, which made me have to rethink the shade i origianlly wanted because not all lamp shades are created equal!



small lamp shade

my shade was $12.97Capture

electrical socket was about $4. mine was similar to this but it had a wall plug at the end and a switch to turn the lamp on/off.

8 in lamp harp8 in harp $4


(bottle i had at home.)



when i got home i realized the patron bottle was too small for the shade i bought and i was too anxious so i used a smirnoff bottle instead since i had one. D ended up breaking off the socket’s little tabs because they wouldn’t fit in the bottle and we realized the harp had to go under the socket so the bulb could fit. -that meant strip the wire from the socket, because the harp wouldn’t fit any other way. and then elec tape the wire back together, once the harp was under the socket.

i hot glued the harp to the bottle and then the socket to the harp. the wire hangs from the top of the bottle so i try to just hide it in the back, cause i didn’t feel like drilling a hole thru the glass.

the lamp works i’m happy but i want to use a prettier bottle and get the craftmanship a little better next time.




heres a close up of the top of the bottle. we were able to fit the wire thru the hole in the harp. originally i glued the black socket in the mouth of the bottle, which is why you can see glue marks, but we saw that the bulb wouldn’t fit thru the harp hole to screw in the socket. so we redesigned and here’s what we got.


3 thoughts on “pinterest project #1

  1. Granny says:

    Lovely for a 1st. There are some very nice coloured bottles (liquor) which have varying shapes and sizes. You could ask your Dad, or uncles. You could tape the cord on your lamp to the back of the bottle. Great job. You are so clever and imaginative. You can also make your own shades. love u


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