Chicken pox on my hands?

so babygirl was sick last week. she had a double ear infection and what the urgent care doctor told me was a viral rash. my poor princess subjected to all these cooties all the time. my mom was up to help me last weekend and it seemed as soon as she left i wasn’t feeling good either.

i woke up tuesday feeling sick. my throat was sore, my head hurt, my neck and shoulders had that dull ache that accompanies a cold/flu. i was sooo tired. that night i tossed and turned and just couldn’t get comfortable. it was not fun. tuesday at work was hard. having been out sick recently for 2 days i didn’t want to take another sick day. i went to my car and took a nap. i tried to load my body up with gatorade and water and cough drops and chicken soup.

wednesday i noticed a bump on my hand that later seemed to spread into a rash. the pharmacist at walgreens suggested i had touched some poison ivy, um no i was at my job all day and then the gym. she said it looked like an allergic reaction. maybe i was allergic to work ? πŸ™‚ when i got home i put hydrocortisone and took some benadryl.

thursday i woke up and the rash had spread to my other hand too. red painful itchy bumps all over the palms of my hands, in between my fingers and it looked like it was creeping up my forearm. it looked like chicken pox on my hands. i saw a dermatologist that confirmed it was hand foot mouth. great. i saw a sign at her daycare that said a few kids had it.

let me tell you it sucks. the rash showed up on my feet (the bottoms) so it hurt to walk. and the pain in both my hands and feet was a constant, intensified when put in contact with anything. which meant it hurt to do anything, and nothing. there’s nothing to treat it, its a viral infection that has to run its course. you can treat the sore throat and fever if you have it but you kind of just have to wait it out. they gave me a higher dose cortisone cream to help with the inflammation but it smells weird.

i had to stay home friday in case i was contagious and my boss told me he’d prefer i don’t come in either, considering he saw what my hands looked like. saturday the bumps seemed to turn redder, they looked a little flatter, but also wider too. i was told it could take a week to clear up. my dad came up to help me for the weekend.

now its sunday and the redness doesn’t look so angry. the pain is more of a dull ache that I’m aware of but can hope will be gone by tomorrow. i don’t think i had a fever although monday night – tuesday night were def trying times. but I’m just glad baby girl didn’t have it like this.


5 thoughts on “Chicken pox on my hands?

  1. pascale says:

    Oh baby. Sooo sorry u having to go thru all that. Wish I lived closer to you so i could help more. U are definitely a champ in my book. U deal with all the best u can with such patience and u always make it seem easier at the end of the day.. Brielle is lucky to have a mommy like u.. I admire u for all u do baby.. I love u


  2. Granny says:

    I can ditto your Mom, you are truly a champion. In spite of the weird smell it would be best to use
    the cream. I do hope that it will disappear as quickly as it came. Unfortunately, you are more prone
    to get a rash or allergic reaction more severely than others. I remember with horror when you had
    chicken pox. Love you


  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    I feel your pain, I am so sorry you both had to endure this pain. You are definitely a trooper and a great mom. I’m am so proud of you. Hope it all goes away soon 😊 love u lots😘😍


  4. amy says:

    oh my poor Bianca. this is the worst of the kiddie diseases because its so contangious. i got it from Arryn when she was about 9 months old. i didn’t have the horrible rash but i did have the muscle aches. every muscle. even the ones i didn’t. realize i had…… get plenty of rest. i hope you feel better soon!


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