Weekend in Review – sickie sickie

oh my. monday morning and i should feel refreshed. i haven’t been in office since thursday but im exhausted!

last week babygirl came home with a fever 3 days in a row! i gave her childrens tylenol at night and in the morning but still she was toasty when i checked her temp in the evenings. not to mention she hasn’t been sleeping thru the night. friday i took her to the doc and they told me it could be an ear infection flare up and possibly a viral thing from daycare. thankfully it is something small and manageable. i kept her home with me cause they would have called me to get her anyway with the fever she was running on friday, and she’s back on antibiotics. with the strawberry flavor i added to her meds, they said it could turn her poop pink !

while i absolutely adore cuddling with her in my arms, and her head laying so beautifully on my chest, i don’t get much sleep when i cuddle on the couch at night. she tosses and turns and can’t find a comfortable position but yet wakes up before 8, sleepy but ready for the day. she’s been visibly less playful and in turn has wanted me to carry her everywhere or pick her up and cuddle her while im trying to do housework. i did my best, i got the grass cut, and scaled back this unruly bush/tree in our yard. (for some crazy reason i thought using a machete would be fun! like it would make me feel like an island ninja or something. it didn’t. you have to whip your arm hard enough to actually chop things and my hands got red and sore.and then i had to pick up all the scattered branches afterward. not as glorious as i pictured i will say.)

we also got to run some errands and i received some amazon finds i have been waiting for! [ a stand mirror and a printer cord to finally use my printer that has been in a box in a back room] [i was excited for the printer cord to print coupons, so i could be a crazy coupon lady too only to find that all the ink in my printer dried up! luckily amazon has AMAZINGGG deals on ink – previously i’ve gotten cartridges refilled at walgreens but amazon was an even better deal, and they’ll ship it to my house in 2 days for free. boom!]

[the stand mirror was pretty cheap considering how expensive mirrors are but it feels heavy, like good quality heavy, and makes the room feel almost complete.] maybe ill show a pic of our room so you can see.

also i got most of babygirl’s costume which i am doing a partial DIY for. exciting.

not so exciting is that im cutting carbs out of my dinners. ive got fitness goals and have decided to address them thru my diet as well as exercise so we shall see how that goes. maybe ill use my new mirror and i can show you my progress 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – sickie sickie

  1. Granny says:

    I feel really bad when I hear about Little Miss B getting sick. She enters my dreams and I am giving
    advice on what to do for her. She cannot tell you if something hurts, or she wants her nose blown (which she cannot do yet). It amazes me what you are able to get done in spite of looking after Bri.
    Supplement your no carb diet with lots of veggies and fruit. You really look good as you are.
    Love you and send kisses for both


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Sorry to hear about my little princess, hoe she is feeling better. Lease don’t use a mâchéte to cut bushes anymore, not only dangerous but bad for a ladies hands. Keep up the exercise you look great. Send me a pick of her outfit when it’s done. Love u lots big kisses


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