halloween diy

i love diys. and halloween is the perfect opportunity to do a diy for my mini. although some of the baby/toddler costumes that I’ve seen are absolutely adorable, i have a problem paying the cost i see for some of them.

so for halloween i decided that i would make at least part of her costume.

found a bandeau top [from joanns] $5.99 – 50% coupon = $2.99

3inx25 yard tulle spool [from joanns]  $1.99 – 40% coupon = $1.19

glitter 3in x 10 yard tulle spool [from joanns] $1.99 – 40% coupon = $1.19

[wand at target $1]

[wings at target $5]

grand total $11.37 – i WIN.

here’s a pic of my diy findings. i got two bandeaus originally, but ended up using one. can you guess what she’s going to be? 🙂



One thought on “halloween diy

  1. Granny says:

    Not sure if you had more photos, saw only the bandeaus and the reels of tuile. There was an add
    for Concast came up under it with no X to get it off. Will we see the finished article, you clever girl.
    I am so happy to see that you know how to find bargains and use them. Love


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