whats in my bag? coupons

i don’t know why this post was kind of fun last time, so i thought i’d share again. my purse this time is considerably smaller, and i do a better job about taking out my baby snacks when i’m going to work to keep it less heavy. i obviously don’t do as good a job about taking all my lip products out however. i clearly have an fixation for all things lip related in case you haven’t noticed.


floating freely

my wallet

a walgreens and cvs receipt from my most recent couponing trip

$4 off 2 secret deodorant coupon & $.50 off one Snuggle product coupon

2 tampons, MAC kissable lipgloss & MAC lipstick in Speak louder, Victoria Secret lipgloss, NYX soft matte lip cream & NYX lipliner

Pink sugar fragrance rollerball

Tylenol extra strength 10 capsule pill thing

car keys & sunglasses

Emergen-c pack & a cherry eucalyptus cough drop

Cartier fragrance sample

Green small spiral notebook (to keep notes on things that pop in my head. songs i want to put on my ipod for the gym, what i ate for the day and its protein, carbs and fat content, deals at different drugstores and grocery stores, blah blah.)


in my makeup bag

1 flowerbomb mini fragrance & 2 tampons

4 NYX soft matte lip creams ( i love the matte lip look)

1 sephora lip cream (which also dries to a matte finish 🙂 )

3 lip pencils (2 NYX and one MAC) & 1 retractable lip brush & 1 MAC prep n prime lip primer

1 brow pencil (MAC spiked)

1 black MAry Kay liquid liner

1 small benefit mascara(which is dried out i think 😦 boo )

2 Maybelline lipsticks in plum colors


my couponing stuff – honestly a very exciting part of my bag. does that make me crazy?

(1 grey portfolio 13 pocket binder thing that i organize my coupons in, not pictured)

ziploc bags that are divided by store


so i’ve started back on my couponing stuff now that i have ink for my printer!

what i did is find all the store coupons i had and set them into groups by store name. i shop at mainly 4; 2 drugstore and 2 grocery, (plus my wholesale club).

after i found store coupons for items that i buy, i looked to see if i had any manufacturer coupons for the same items, and placed them together into the ziploc baggies.

i wrote on a sheet of paper all the coupons i had and how much off the item to help me see quickly what i could get the most money off of while shopping. i also carry my binder thing with me just in case i see additional stuff on sale in the store.

i also went thru my sunday paper/online weekly ad to see if there were any deals currently going on. i wrote those down in my spiral book. i don’t know why i never took advantage of CVS extra bucks and Walgreens balance rewards before. i must have been completely oblivious to the fact that i could get $dollars$ off of future purchases. silly me. now that i’ve made myself aware i plan to spend a little more wisely. and i’ve realized that sometimes i need to buy things that i don’t need right now to save money later. for instance: deodorant is on sale and i have coupons, but i don’t need deodorant right now. (old me wouldn’t buy it cause i didn’t need it and could spend the money on something else) new me realizes i can save money on item i use right now, collect points or rewards or whatever, and stock up so in the future when i need it and its 11 o clock at night im not freaking out about running out to the store to get it.

i also realized that things that i buy at my wholesale club i can use multiple coupons for. like for instance… pasta sauce comes in a package of 3. i can use 3 manufacturer single coupons plus one wholesale club coupon. i checked their website. it says as long as the multiple pack can be sold individually i can use multiple coupons. so like the big boxes of cereal, the one with the big 2 pack in it, is a no go. you can’t break the package and sell those items individually.  im not a crazy coupon lady yet, but this lady is:


That site does a lot of the research work for you, ii just discovered it. Seriously where have i been?





2 thoughts on “whats in my bag? coupons

  1. Genevieve laidley says:

    I have tons of paper in my bag. When I see baby coupons I think if you and how I could send them to you. I never had the patients to keep up with it and I ended up forgetting I had a coupon to use. Saving money is the ultimate, keep up the good work. Love u


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