balloons are the devils work

sometimes when im at work, i need a break. i need that quick change of activity to help my focus- and sanity.. i normally read the news, listen to a couple of songs, or research a topic that has my attention. yesterday i went on a mommy blog and read this post about balloons and i thought it was mildly funny, occasionally mini trips on the string at home, its annoying to hear her ask me every 2 seconds when we go to the grocery store, etc. like i said mildly funny,  until i knew what the author of that article really felt when she gave it that title.

generally when we go to the grocery store, mini asks for a balloon, which she used to call a bubble, but has now graduated to saying something that really does sound like balloon.

if the store was giving them away i would give her one so she could give me some peace..

[lately when its time to go in the car seat,  she gives me a big fuss (especially on the way home -maybe she’s really tired?).] so yesterday i gave her a balloon from a prev grocery trip so she could play with.

(she depleted the snacks stash that very morning so i couldn’t make more of a mess in the backseat by giving her those which always keep her happy. )

on the way home she began BAWLING. like at the top of her lungs. like something had jumped in the car had grabbed her. i tried to help, i figured she dropped the balloon or the string got stuck on the car seat. but driving and reaching behind you blindly while searching for something specific is not super easy. i tried to pull when i found the string but it was stuck on something. (one side is a balloon and at the other end is a card promoting the store’s baby club). SHE WAS SCREAMING. i was worried that it was wrapped on her in some way and she and i were pulling on the string and also hurting her at the same time, but of course i couldn’t see. i kept feeling her arms and legs and face and fingers looking to see if it got wrapped on something. SHE WAS SCREAMING. i kept reaching to find out what it was stuck on, or what part of her body was in pain but nothing. i was right there, almost in the neighborhood, i started to wonder if she didn’t want the balloon at all and the very string in her face was like a ghost haunting her? or did she want it so bad and the string was a tease that she couldn’t have the actual balloon? literally in the neighborhood- i couldn’t take it anymore. i pulled over,  in the middle of the road mind you, and hopped in the backseat. she was fine, the string and card where stuck on the car seat and the balloon was draping onto the floor. i detangled it and handed her the balloon, she didn’t want it. like she really did not want it. like she wanted it no where near her. SHE WAS SCREAMING. i popped it onsite and vowed right then and there no more balloons.

i gave her the pacifier and we went home.

balloons should be banned from the universe.


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