new blog?

hiii, how are you? what’s going on in your life and mind?

lately, i’ve been contemplating the creative endeavors that rack my brain during the day. this blog in particular  started out as a pregnancy and baby blog. its where i began to find my voice again. and i love that its a place where i can share my family, motherly, and random life experiences with you all.

but lately i have gotten back in the gym, as I’ve mentioned, and i have rediscovered my love for makeup and beauty related topics. while they are still part of my life experiences i’ve been wondering if i should just start another blog to showcase my ideas on those topics? …

you know, when i read people’s articles/stories/etc i generally like to see clear, concise arguments/points being made. i like to see an author stay on topic or else it has me wondering what I’m even reading about. so i guess what I’m saying is maybe i should keep this blog for all my mom stuff, my home stuff, my baby stuff, my life stuff. and potentially start another blog that talks about my health stuff, my gym routine stuff, my meal ideas for a fit life stuff, my beauty stuff, my fashion stuff, my makeup stuff.


i don’t know, what do you guys think?


3 thoughts on “new blog?

  1. pascale says:

    I think u should have a seperate one just for u and your would be a way for u to channel ur opinions non related to baby stuffs. .ur little mind goes above and beyond sometimes..ur r like the author that keeps everyone thirsty for more…love that about u..


  2. Granny says:

    Ditto – Wonderful idea. You are so creative in your writings and in your attitude to life and what
    you want of it. Go for it. I have learnt a lot from you too. Love you


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