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I like to coupon.

What can I say I love waking up Sunday knowing that newspaper is sitting in my driveway with all those coupons tucked away nicely inside just waiting to be used by me. Call me crazy but I get a thrill seeing that savings number add up when I am going thru the checkout line lol. I like saving money, who doesn’t ?!

But I don’t always use every single coupon…I don’t eat out at restaurants very often but I do see their coupons in the paper. Chuck E cheese, papa johns, red lobster, Logan’s roadhouse, Quiznos, Boston market, etc etc.

And when I see these restaurant coupons, I clip them out anyway.

And I take them to work and leave them in the break room. I arrange them out so other people can see the stores names. Once I left a note with them that said “take someone nice out to dinner :)”

And that too gives me a little thrill when I come back and see someone has taken them.


3 thoughts on “Sharing is caring

  1. Granny says:

    I used to love using coupons too, but now being alone do not do it anymore, only the store’s coupons, such as Publix. Christine used to use them and in New Jersey some used to give you
    a dozen eggs or other things. Once I remember she had so many coupons they actually had to pay her. In NJ they have double coupons. Not here. You are special and it is fun to save money and find bargains.


  2. Genevieve laidley says:

    Every little bit counts, it’s all about saving money. Sharing is also a great blessing for you and the other person you are helping. God Bless you. Lots of love.


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