Couponing progress

Kind of getting the hang of this couponing thing. And i like it.

I have acquired a nice stash of home cleaning goods, personal hygiene goods, diapers and my pantry is a-growing.

A girl i know recently told me about this awesome deal for diapers at Publix. They were doing $5 off 2 Huggies diapers packs. Plus Publix takes Target coupons, and there was a target coupon for $10 off a 40$ purchase of (among other things) Huggies. Plus you are allowed one store and one manufacturer coupon per item. I think the packs came out to about $2.11 a pack!

She asked me what do i coupon for. I said whatever i can find a coupon for ! And even though I spent $62 today at Publix, I saved $75! I absolutely loveee saving more than i spend. Such a feeling of accomplishment, call me weird or whatever.

Here’s a sneak peek of what my linen closet looks like. [i still need to reorganize my pantry or I’d show you that too]






3 thoughts on “Couponing progress

  1. Granny says:

    It is fun when you can save that kind of money. Now, looking at your linen closet I do not see any
    linen. Where did they go to!!! LOL LUL (can u guess what that says??


  2. bernadette aitken says:

    You are a Wonder ! We don’t have coupons here in Australia, or I’m sure I wouls be doing the same thing….toiletries, cat food, tinned goods etc etc….more power to you B*


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