Couponing tips

First off, let me say I am in no way a coupon expert, but I do a little something. I’ve been talking about couponing to a couple other moms and they seemed interested in some of the stuff I do, sites I look at, ways that I organize my stuff so I figured lets make a post about it:

Are you on instagram? Did you know there’s a big coupon community there? Look up the hashtags #coupon #couponcommunity #couponing and see what some of those people post. A lot of them show you the breakdown of how they were able to walk out the store with their purchases and only pay the tax. (that’s the level I want to be on)  (I have just started following mylitter and not_yourtype )

Also is a website of one of the above instagrammers, she was one of those crazy coupon ladies featured in that TLC show, extreme couponing and she posts great deals not just relating to grocery items ! Especially good to know since black friday and Christmas are right around the corner. is a great place to search for deals by store. She breaks down the weekly grocery ads for you and shows you some of the different sites to get coupons you need for those deals!


Get you some coupons and start! I get the sunday paper delivered to my home (just 1, although im considering getting 2) if not they have them at the grocery store on sundays!

go online and find free printable coupons: has a section for coupons that i believe is run by

or just search free printable coupons, you will more than likely need to install a coupon printer, but its a small thing to do to save those big bucks.


find a way to organize your coupons that works for you! i use a 13pocket portfoliobinder thing that i got from the $1 section at target and i use a ziploc bag that is store specific with a list of that store’s deals for the week. i don’t know a great way to organize them so you don’t miss out on expiring ones, but every week when i add new ones i check the coupons for upcoming dates. i try to organize them by categories in my pocket portfolio (ie cleaning, paper products, dry goods, refrigerated items, etc. and within those categories i group together similar items and then by brand. ex in my cleaning section i grouped all my bathroom cleaners together, and then i put them with their similar brand)


sign up for different rewards programs and they’ll send you coupons! as a member of the pampers rewards i just received a coupon for a free metal ornament from shutterfly. (AWESOME)

(if you don’t feel like having your email clogged up with store emails and deals, create a seperate acct to have all your deals in one place, and your personal emails in another!- or-  you can set up a filter to have certain emails sent to a specific email folder, if you’re a little tech savvy)


look into some money saving apps, i personally use ebates, groupon, living social and retailmenot and my dental hygienist just told me yesterday about snap by groupon and ibotta.


what do you do to save money? i’m always looking for new ideas to try !




One thought on “Couponing tips

  1. Granny says:

    Coupons are great, but, remember do not go overboard and just stock up on things because you have a coupon. I have know people that just buy something because they have a coupon. I asked them why they bought an item when they do not use it, reply was I had a coupon. I know you are too intelligent to do that, and I am all with you when it comes to saving money. So important in this day and age. Love you and keep couponing.


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