Apple Pie Mini Pies /Muffins

If you caught my last post about my thanksgiving turkey maybe you saw something yummy to the left of the flowers. It was our Thanksgiving dessert. Which I made for the first time ever, with some coaching from my grandma.

I personally can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of the week. Maybe that’s a bit of a reach but seriously what is a dessert without chocolate? .. Ill wait.

Unfortunately not everyone feels this way including most of the family present at my dinner. As a host, I decided I’d cater to their personal faves, which included apple pie.

I always like to try a little twist on things I make, so instead of big regular apple pie, I decided some cute little apple pie mini pies/tarts would do the trick. Please excuse my poor basket weaving crust on top, it was my first time after all.

I used a pre made roll out crust, but in the future I want to take a stab at making my own.


One roll out crust was enough to do the bottom and the top “basket weave” effect for these little mini pies.

The recipe that i had was more than enough apples so I used the excess and made some apple pie muffins.

The second roll out crust did the muffins. I think I made about 6 muffins.







Clearly I overfilled a few of them, but they were fabulous none the less. They even got the approval of the original apple pie eater himself.

To be honest I think not only was it my first time baking an apple pie but it was my first time eating it, and I’m pretty sure it was everything i think  a pie should be?

Hold on, let me go eat some more to be sure 🙂


4 thoughts on “Apple Pie Mini Pies /Muffins

  1. Granny says:

    They look fabulous and am sure they tasted great. Next time you make this little tartlettes squeeze the cross strands to the edge of the pastry. Then you can use a fork to make the edge
    hold. Just a suggestion. Keep cooking my love, you are a super chef now. Love you


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