Thanksgiving Turkey, not really

This Thanksgiving we decided to do a small dinner. A little quieter than most years but it was nice. It was also my first time hosting at my house Exciting. 

With a smaller amount of people to feed, that meant less food to cook ! And that meant we didn’t need to do a turkey, because let’s face it my family was not eating a turkey unless it was deep fried. [ A few years ago, we tried the whole deep fried turkey craze, and things just never were the same! They didn’t bring the deep fryer with them when they came up this weekend so no turkey for us]

Instead we opted for a nice big chicken. But I didn’t want to only have chicken as my centerpiece, I still wanted that turkey. But in a cute way.A fun way.

My friend did this type of turkey a few years ago at a potluck with friends that we attended. I borrowed the idea from her, and of course Pinterest!

You can find my turkey to the right of the flowers 🙂


After we cut the turkey, it was filled with chips which we ate with my grandma’s famous artichoke dip.  It’s not nationally famous, but it should be, it’s that good. What did I use for this awesome perfectly cooked turkey you ask?

1 large brown paper bag

2 small brown paper bags

1 white sheet of paper

scissors and tape, hot glue if you’re feeling fancy

(whatever you want to fill it with)


Since our thanksgiving was small like I said, I filled the legs with newspaper. (the small brown paper bags)

I pulled the corners in a little from the inside of the bag to give it that rounded shape.

I cut strips from the white paper, folded it in half and cut ridges into the folded side to make the little feet covers, and then taped it over the ends of the small bags.


I emptied a bag of chips into the big paper bag and pulled the corners in on the closed part and folded in the opening of the bag til it was shaped like the body of a turkey. Doesn’t have to be perfect, i was going for a cute and fun aspect to my table spread.

I used regular scotch tape but I struggled a little, a stronger tape would have been useful but whatever works in the end.


Everyone thought it was really funny when I asked them to cut the turkey 🙂

You should try it for your next family gathering as a cute appetizer idea !


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey, not really

  1. pascale says:

    I had fun helping u with it..definitely different. Lol but in a good way..I also enjoyed our quiet time this year. Your house was very welcoming and do an amazing job.


  2. bernadette aitken says:

    Hilarious…we don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia, but this would be a great one for Christmas, especially as it is SO HOT here LOL xxx


  3. Granny says:

    Simply love love your turkey, you are so creative. The whole dinner looked so good. Enjoy the family gathering. Wonder what Brielle thought of all the festivities. Love you


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