Black Friday 2014

I love shopping, I do. I love finding the best deals and seeing what I can get that will accentuate my home/closet, or whomever’s that I’m buying for. I’m not a shopaholic, don’t get me wrong, I just like to find new pieces that will work well with what I’ve already got.

But I hate that lately Thanksgiving has come to mean Black Friday. More and more I am seeing stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving day to let shoppers get an even earlier chance to fight someone for a limited number of TVs, shoes, toys, whatever else. People are so focused on Christmas and shopping, and buying presents they forget Thanksgiving is a holiday weekend about spending time with loved ones.

So this year we did something a little more fun for Black Friday.

We went to Disney World. While everyone else would be trying to take advantage of deals in stores, we’d be partying it up with Mickey and Minnie. Except there was a lot of people at Disney lol. We thought there wouldn’t be as much people as there actually was but oh well. The lines weren’t that ridiculous, just the weather. It was a nice chilly high of 60 degrees (call me crazy but 60 deg is cold to me !) We got to ride on the classic Its a Small World, and I took my  little brother on Space Mountain. Baby girl and her Nana and Papi rode on Dumbo and we got to meet Tinkerbell and baby girls boyfriend Mickey. I was glad of all the characters we got to meet, these two were it. I happen to love Tinkerbell so getting to take a picture with her was fun for me lol.

Having her meet Mickey was a little different than I planned in my head. I thought she’d be excited to see her man in person but she seemed more star struck than anything. The second she heard his voice her face went blank then cautious then questioning. Mickey is a lot more realistic than you would think now. His eyes blink, his mouth moves and when he talks, he sounds like Mickey. He’s not just a man in a Mickey suit there to take a pic and keep the line moving. He talks to the kids and gives them hugs and makes them feel like they are special and he’s so happy to be in their presence.

When it came our turn to meet him she wrapped her little koala legs around me so tight I couldn’t put her down. And when I asked her if Mickey could give us a hug, and he advanced she turned her head around to hug me tighter lol. He sensed this and stood on my side a bit away from us to snap a pic. He commented on her dress and tried to make her feel comfortable but to no avail. Maybe next time she will be a little more receptive 🙂

But as soon as we walked out of the picture room into the gift shop, she was a little chatterbox calling Mickey’s name as she reached for all the stuffed Mickeys she could see, and trust me there were a lot. Heavy sigh, if only she showed that much enthusiasm when we were in the room with him.

All in all we had a very good day. 🙂







2 thoughts on “Black Friday 2014

  1. Granny says:

    It is one thing to see Mickey as a small person on the screen, it is another to see a big one. I am sure you had a great time though. Love you so much. And, yes, I think Black Friday spoils the meaning of Thanksgiving.


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