Monday blues


This is where I wish I was right now; sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows, in front of my computer in a pair of my long socks.

Even though I just had a 4 day weekend I wasn’t ready for Monday to start so soon! Back to wok, back to the grind and back to alarm clocks ringing in the early hours of the am, telling you it’s time to get out of your warm comforting bed.

But it’s cyber Monday and I wish I was checking on the sales instead of checking my work email inbox. I’ve knocked out a lot of Christmas shopping already, thankfully, but it’s a great time to save on stuff you need for the house too! I do believe Joann is having a sale so I might check out some of their bakeware and related essentials, as I’ve been in the mood for that kind of stuff…

Sighh, let me get back to work. Happy Monday to you, and may you be more awake and energetic than I am feeling right now.


One thought on “Monday blues

  1. Granny says:

    It is always hard to get back to work after a four day break. But I know you are up to it. Yes, Joann Fabric does have Cyber sale today. I just went to the post and to the Dollar Tree. I am amazed they have everything, but everything for a dollar that you could need to decorations etc.
    Francoise will have a ball. Love


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