Package Unwrapping

OMG. so excited.

I ordered this item last week and have been anxiously waiting on its arrival since the second after I clicked submit order. I was so hoping to have it this past weekend, so I could have time to test it out and see how awesome it is, but alas the shipping notice told me I wouldn’t get it til Monday.

All day I was checking my phone to see if the delivery confirmation said it was at my door yet, but it didn’t come til 4, when I was pretty much packing up for the day anyway. I was slightly worried that the box would say what it was and someone might steal it so maybe that’s why I kept such a close eye on its journey to my casa.

But as I pulled up I saw the box waiting for me, and I was relieved. And excited.

And annoyed, because the box did state what its contents were. but it made it to its owner, me,  so it’s all good.




It’s the 4.5 qt Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer !!! wooo hooo

Got a really good deal on it too!

[it was 224 on sale, less 15% with a $50 rebate, and because I use ebates I got 9% cash back on my purchase total]

so excited to whip up some goodies in this bad boy, recipes and pics coming soon


2 thoughts on “Package Unwrapping

  1. Granny says:

    What a wonderful thing to have, I am sure you are excited about it. Does make baking easier I am sure. Now you can try making your own bread too, it has the paddle. Enjoy it my love. See you soon.


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