Holiday cheer- DIY Snowflakes

It’s probably my fave time of year. Yeah it’s great when it’s spring and summer because you get to go out to the pool and wear fun sundresses and all but December is a great month. Everyone is noticeably more excited because of upcoming family traditions, food and if you’re into that kind of thing, presents 🙂 lol.

And I am that mom that likes to decorate according to the season, or maybe I just like to do the crafts…

No I like to decorate too, it helps you get in the spirit you know?  Turn on the christmas tree lights and get in the mood for the holidays! But my decorating budget is not big, so I always try to figure out a way to do small things that leave a big impact.

Easiest Christmas/winter decoration ever? DIY snowflakes.

I’m sure you did them when you were a kid, all you really need is a piece of paper and some scissors. That makes this easy kids craft/ home decoration a grand total of $0.

You can’t beat that, and it really gives your home that warm cozy touch, cause you did it yourself.


Here are 2 snowflakes I did last night. I was tired so they have a little character 😉 lol






in case you forgot how to start these you just take a sheet of paper and cut it to make a square then:




Then it’s up to you what design you cut! If you need some inspiration you can google “diy paper snowflakes” and look at what “templates” people have. if you have a hole punch, use it ! I need to find mine.

I’ll be making more of these to tape on my  kitchen cabinets so I’ll post the after 🙂



2 thoughts on “Holiday cheer- DIY Snowflakes

  1. Granny says:

    You are truly the craftiest person I know. Where you find the time or the energy to do all you do is beyond me. You could also stick some little sparkles on them so they shine. You could probably make icicles too. Love you and see you real soon


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