Holiday Decorations 2014

In my family we celebrate Christmas, and I like to decorate for the holidays. I took down my fall leaves the day after Thanksgiving and started getting my house ready for December festivities.

[If you want to see what I did last year you can find that here: christmas cheer ]

My style of decorating is pretty much stick to a 2 or 3 color scheme and go from there. Last year I did a red and gold theme, and this year I just reused most of what I had, with a few new things. [Baby girl has taken Rudolph as her own so he will not be featured lol]






my santa keeping watch at the front door





little frosty hanging out with the fishies



santa and a nutcracker hanging out on the window bench

christmas tree

The balls are plastic, because I can’t be bothered to worry about glass ones breaking with a young toddler around. The paper snowflakes, in my opinion, add a really festive touch and cost nothing to make. I got one string of tinsel and cut it to fit inside the jars, added some as eye-catching tree filler and used it to make some paper tree cones.

I haven’t done the TV stand yet, might do a garland like last year and put a santa hat on the TV corner. Also need to add some festive decor to my room, but I like what I have so far.

I also like to use some of Bath & Body Works wall flowers. For this time of year I like the frosted cranberry, cinnamon caramel swirl and champagne toast scents to name a few.


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