Holiday treats -pretzels

Not only do I have a fun stand mixer I also have come into some vanilla, like some gooood vanilla extract the kind you don’t find in the store and have to ask someone to get for you. Not only that, I have some gooood almond extract. So with those ingredients what’s a girl to do? BAKE!!! [ I know you had to see that coming 🙂 ]

And it’s the holidays so why not? I’ve got a number of people that I would like to show my appreciation for so baking it will be. Nothing says I appreciate you more than me throwing on my apron and whipping you up something to make your soul happy, or at the very least your tummy. I think the effort of doing it yourself makes it taste better too.

With that being said, I’ve started off my holiday treat making with a easy but well loved treat. Chocolate covered pretzels. Seriously easy and everyone can’t get enough !

I found this super cute mold to make it look like wrapped boxes made of chocolate but practice makes perfect with molds like these. You have to make sure the chocolate is the right consistency or else it will be hard to use in the mold. Honestly when I tried to pry them out a lot of chocolate stayed back soooo I think my consistency was too thick. I tried to be fancy and do the ribbons in a different color but that was a little tough too.


These other types I’ve had in mind since last year, and only recently I figured out a way to accomplish them:

Chocolate covered, candy cane dusted pretzels !!


Last year I couldn’t figure out an easy way to break the candy canes. I tried freezing them to make them more brittle, I put them in a bag, covered that with a towel and tried a hammer but really the pieces were way too big to use for my purpose. So I ended up just crisscrossing red and white chocolate lines over top of the regular chocolate. They came out super cute but didn’t have that extra little something that the canes would have offered.

This time around I read somewhere, probably Pinterest, to use a food processor or coffee grinder. DUHHHHHH.  My poor coffee grinder that had been sitting collecting dust in a cabinet, neglected by me as I had no good coffee beans to grind, now found purpose ! I broke the canes up into maybe 3 or 4 pieces and grinded them up into a coarse dust and small pieces. And after melting and applying the chocolate to the canes I just sprinkled the cane dust on it lightly. I probably could have rolled the canes in the dust but then I would have needed to have more ground up canes, and I just didn’t have the energy to do all of that.



Hope everyone enjoys these 🙂

[In case you were wondering I got the cute pretzel treat bags at Joann’s.  They always have a sale on their holiday baking items, so that was good too]


5 thoughts on “Holiday treats -pretzels

  1. kimstag says:

    Great post, my fave bit was “gooood vanilla extract the kind you don’t find in the store and have to ask someone to get for you.” Haha you make it sound like some sort of drug haha. Also they look so yummy too I need to try!! XoX


  2. Granny says:

    They look good, so they must be good too. I love mint and chocolate, always have, the combination is so tasty, and the added pretzel makes it even better. And yes the vanilla is the best. Love you XXXX


  3. Genevieve laidley says:

    They look delicious can’t wait to get mines. They look beautiful and perfect, just like something you would buy in a store. Bianca’s Pretzel Shop. All shapes and flavors 😃 your the best, love you


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