Holiday Cheer- Christmas Cards

Had a friend over for dinner Sunday night and she asked what Pinterest projects had I been up to.

Really I have just been more into baking and redecorating for this holiday season. But she reminded me that I was slacking on my crafting.Yeah I made a few paper snowflakes, but nothing major. We talked about how doing crafty things kind of helped keep our sanity especially while our men are away. She told me she’s been doing ribbon wreaths and she showed me a few, and they were beautiful! When she told me she’s done about 7 I was laughed because a home really only needs 1, so she told me the others she’s been giving away. I started thinking about other crafts I could do, because I shouldn’t be baking everyday, it just wouldn’t be good for my waistline 🙂

So I busted out my arts and crafts bins and got to some card making. Tis the season after all.

All of these were super easy. I used random buttons, acrylic paint, glue, some scrap ribbons, and letter stickers.








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