Italian Chicken

So I did my meal prep this past Sunday, and had my friend over for dinner and somehow all my meal prepped food is gone 😦 It was so good that it just disappeared. No but really. ( I think the amount of chicken I made also didn’t make as much as I had anticipated so that didn’t help either. )

And today I went to the gym and had to run to Target after and pick up some Pedialyte (have you tried their brand pedialyte? it’s a tad bit less expensive and the orange one smells really good!) So by the time I finally made it home I was already pretty tired, and she was kind of cranky cause she’s a little under the weather so I needed a quick dinner option that would last til at least lunch tomorrow.

I am a big fan of the Knorr Pasta Sides, they are always on sale like for a $1 and make a great quick side but I am not always pleased with their reheat consistency. I also really like the Zatarrin’s Rice Sides. Especially the yellow rice one ❤ ❤ ❤


I threw the yellow rice on the stove and it cooks in like 20 mins, and then I cut up some chicken I had thawed out this morning and cooked it in some olive oil and garlic. After the sides were all cooked I poured Italian dressing and Italian seasoning on it. It’s also nice to marinate in the dressing for a bit prior but like I said I was pressed for time here. (I think someone told me once to try adding cut pineapple in it as well but I always forget when I go to make this dish) After adding the dressing I cook the chicken til it gets a really nice golden brown color.


And 15-20 mins later.. Voila! dinner is done. No hassle, well not so much. and quick and yummy. Plus leftovers for tomorrow.


What do you do when you need a quick dinner option?


2 thoughts on “Italian Chicken

  1. Granny says:

    Instead of making the chicken and rice as separate dishes i put them together. Cook the chicken with it’s seasonings then add the water and bring to boil, then add peas and the rice. (2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice). While cooking chicken you can add diced sweet peppers and celery, then put n the water for rice. Rather like an Arroz con pollo. One pot dish, tasty. I also do that with corn meal, though need more water, like 3 to 1.


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