Orange Bar Cookies

i have been so busy trying to keep my sanity that I haven’t been taking pics of all the awesome and yummy stuff i’ve been making, case in point these orange bar cookies 😦 😦 😦 i wanted you to see the yummy goodness, the visual appeal of these citrusy sweets.

anyway. got this recipe from the man i got the vanilla from! they have this awesome website where you can buy their products, and they give you recipes to use them ! how nice right ?!! (btw their almond pound cake with the almond frosting is as the french say “magnifique”

orange bar

I basically did everything the recipe said, except I baked mine in a mini cupcake tray and in a mini square silicone mold. only took about 20 mins. i like that this way they all have some of that little crusty goodness along with the slightly chewy center.

if you don’t have vanilla infused orange extract, im sure you could use regular orange extract, or a mix of both orange and vanilla extract and they would still be yummy.

cookie tip: if your cookies get a little hard, put them in a tupperware with a slice of bread. the bread will get hard while your cookies get soft again !


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